Whipsmart Heart Cushion

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Whipsmart Heart Cushion


  • Manufacturer: XGEN
  • Materials: Microsuede, Foam
  • Color: Red

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Whipsmart Heart Cushion

The Whipsmart Heart Cushion is crafted with high-density foam, this versatile sweetheart-inspired wedge for sex positioning provides the perfect angle for deeper penetration, intensified stimulation and maximum comfort. The firmness provides the most desired support to allow you to unwind into pleasure and the heart shape adds a playful touch of romance. The compact size and discreet design make it perfect for any room.

Why Use A Positioning Device?

Great sex is all about comfort and access. If you’ve ever placed a pillow under your butt or your partner’s butt, you’ve used a positioning device. Using a pillow can allow for better angle and deeper penetration. But they don’t just have to go under your rear. Using a positioning device will support your body to allow you to try all sorts of different angles! Use it to prop up your stomach, back or pelvis too!

While pillows or couch cushions work ok, a device made specifically for sex is even better! Most positioning devices have easy to clean surfaces. Their surface is usually soft for comfort but will also help keep you in place so you don’t slide away. Many are inflatable so you can bring them with you where ever you travel!

Experiment with different positions to get the most out of your positioning device. In addition to getting deeper penetration during missionary sex, you can also use it for doggy-style or anal. For clitoral stimulation, put a small clitoral vibe on the cushion and grind against it.

Always pay attention to the weight limits. Inflatable pillows work better for smaller people while larger couples should look to foam sex pillows.

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