Body Tape with Nipple Cover

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Body Tape with Nipple Cover
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  • Manufacturer: ANB Fashion
  • Color: Light, Mocha and Clear


Body Tape with Nipple Cover

Body Tape with Nipple Cover let’s you play it safe! Designed with you in mind, these sleek, fashionable pasties and neutral tones give you the freedom to be yourself. Now more than ever you can dare to wear today’s most revealing fashions without showing more than you want. Deep v-neck T-shirts, super-sheer tanks, fishnet tops, ultra-sexy dresses… Whatever your style, wear it with confidence – we’ve got you covered!

What are Pasties?

Pasties are decorative nipple covers. Originally they were used in burlesque dancing. Pasties made their first appearance in the late nineteenth century when performers in circuses and World’s Fairs would wear them as part of their native dress. The use of a pastie was then incorporated into the wardrobe of burlesque dancing, first appearing in the burlesque halls of Paris before making their way across the ocean. Because we had laws which stated nipples must be covered, they were the perfect accessory for dancers looking to stay one step ahead of the law.

Because dancers are first and foremost entertainers, early pasties featured tassels which dancers quickly learned to twirl in opposite directions to add to their showmanship. Fast forward to today, and pasties are no longer confined to exotic dancers. Everyone from fashion icons to celebrities have made pasties a fashion staple. They are fun to wear not only in the bedroom but also in the club and at festivals!

Who Can Wear Pasties?

If you’ve got a nipple, you can wear pasties! Men or women, this fashion statement works for everyone! And now with so many to choose from, you can spout something sexual, funny or political with your paties!

Try Our Pasties Today

Fashion and life should never be boring! Try our pasties today and make a fashion statement – in and out of the bedroom! For more information on how to be your best self, check out our Divine Diva blog.  For more lingerie accessories, click here.

1 review for Body Tape with Nipple Cover

  1. KD

    Kind of hard to peel off of contact paper and had a few pieces stick together, but overall stretchy/thin which is great in a body tape. Also comes with pasties which is a plus!

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