Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant

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Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant


  • Manufacturer: Trigg Laboratories
  • Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone
  • Size: 4 or 8 fluid ounces
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Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant

Slip into luxury with our longest lasting, guaranteed never sticky Wet Platinum Silicone Lubricant. Unchanged for more than three decades, Platinum Lubricant is formulated using the purest high grade Silicones to ensure that a little goes a long way. Silicone is the go to lubricant of choice for those with sensitive bodies, ensuring you feel every touch, without a buffer or irritation. An FDA cleared 510K medical device, Platinum is doctor recommended and used nationwide as the trusted suggestion of medical professionals. Add to the excitement by enjoying Platinum underwater in the shower, bath, hot tub, or anywhere else your desire takes hold to enhance your pleasure and intimacy. Features: Pure, High Grade Silicone. Glycerin and Paraben Free. Colorless and Odorless. Guaranteed Never Sticky. Works Underwater. Doctor Recommended. Condom Compatible. FDA 510K Cleared Medical Device. Usage and tips: use Platinum anywhere, whenever the moment takes you. Apply generously to yourself, your toys, and/or your partners to explore in ways you have never thought to try before. Wet Platinum can be used any time you need the longest lasting glide and maximum sensation.

Please note: not to be used with Silicone Toys.

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone

We Have Lube for All Users in NJ

Sometimes your body just cannot produce enough of its own natural lubrication. Or even if it can, using a lubricant will allow for a slippery, more enjoyable experience.  What type of lubricant you use depends on whether you are using a toy, the material of the toy and and whether you are looking at for an added sensation such as cooling or warming.  Lubricants can be water based, silicone based or a hybrid.  They may or may not contain a menthol which can produce a cooling sensation. We recommend always using a lubricant and remember – pain is your body’s way of telling you to go slowly so you do not want to impair that communication.

Our Lubricants in NJ are High-Quality

Because personal lubricants are used internally, it is important that any lubricant you use be of high-quality. The last thing you want to experience is having a poor experience because of inferior lubricant. Our lubricants are all made from high-quality materials. You can expect our toys to be:

  • Body Safe
  • Made from high quality ingredients
  • Easy to clean
  • Pleasurable

We offer several different lubricants. Some of the best quality lubricants are made from silicone which is made from medical grade silicone and will last longer without getting sticky or tacky. No matter what kind of experience you want to have, we have the best lube for you.

Check Out Our Store in NJ Today

Life is short. You should explore every avenue of pleasure while you can. Part of that exploration should include our high-quality lube. Take a look at what we offer.

To learn more about how to use personal lubricants with anal play, please visit our Lubricant FAQ page.


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