Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle

Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle
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  • Manufacturer: Wicked Sensual Care
  • Size: 4 fluid ounces
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Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle

Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle 4 ounces Tube. Do it simply. Simply lubricants are made without Glycerin, Propylene Glycol or Parabens and are vegan and cruelty free. Like all Wicked Sensual Care formulas, they are enhanced with our signature Olive Leaf Extract, a natural bio static, that inhibits the spread of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. When you are ready for a clean lube, do it simply. 4 ounces tube of the Simply Aqua Jelle Personal Lubricant.

We Have Lube for All Users in NJ

Not only does a personal lubricant intensify sensations, it can protect you from an infection and even an unplanned pregnancy. It comes in several formulas including water-based, hybrid, silicone and even flavored.

If you are prone to infections or are concerned about the ingredients you put in your body, a natural lubricant like Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle is for you!  Our premium water-based ingredients the mimic the fluids your body naturally produces and helps rehydrate delicate tissues.

  • Enhances natural lubrication and safe for use with your favorite toys
  • PH-friendly, hypoallergenic, odor and taste neutral
  • Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Paraben Free
  • Vegan

Our Lubricants in NJ are High-Quality

Because personal lubricants are used internally, it is important that any lubricant you use be of high-quality. The last thing you want to experience is having a poor experience because of inferior lubricant. Our lubricants are all made from high-quality materials. You can expect our lubricants to be:

  • Body Safe
  • Made from high quality ingredients
  • Easy to clean
  • Pleasurable

We offer several different lubricants.  No matter what kind of experience you want to have, we have the best lube for you.

Check Out Our Store in NJ Today

Life is short. You should explore every avenue of pleasure while you can. Part of that exploration should include our high-quality Lube. Take a look at what we offer.

For more products like this, check out our full line of lubricants. For more great Wicked products, check out the whole line.

5 reviews for Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle

  1. Katrina

    It uses olive leaf extract, which would explain its smoothness. I really liked it!

  2. Sav

    Love using this gel lube by Wicked – tends to last longer than non-gel forms of water based lube, and stays right where I need it. This is a great option to use with silicone toys, esp. for anal since you don’t have to reapply as much!

  3. K.L.

    Lasts longer than regular lube and it’s excellent for when I’m using toys by myself because it isn’t as messy and runny as regular lube. Highly recommended!

  4. Kyle

    Thicker texture and easy to clean up, great to use with toys

  5. Kaitlyn

    Super easy clean up up & a such a great thick texture! The gel definitely lasts longer than regular water based lubes

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