Birthday Crackers

Birthday Crackers


  • Manufacture: Kheper Games
  • Includes: 2 Different Birthday Crackers

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Birthday Crackers

Birthday Crackers by Khepher Games. All you’ll need for a fun birthday party is inside these two festive birthday crackers. There is a drink or dare card game, a crown, a shot glass, and dare dice for the birthday boy/girl/they to celebrate with. Also included are fun confetti and party word confetti that combines together to give you additional ways to celebrate.

Item Weight and Dimensions:

Weight: 0.21lbs
Length: 4.00″
Width: 2.00″
Height: 12.00″

Why Adult Birthday Parties?

Even when we’re past the age of 21, we all need to celebrate our birthdays! Our selection of party ware for adults helps mark the passage of time in a humorous way. We have a whole selection of x-rated plates, candles, and decor. Team this up with our adult themed candies and games and it’s truly a party! For a full selection of novelties and games, click here.


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