Good Times Here We Cum Couples Game

Good Times Here We Cum Couples Game


  • Manufacturer: Kheper Games
  • Features: Orgasm Cards, 2 die and Foreplay Wheel


Good Times Here We Cum Couples Game

Good Times Here We Cum Couples Game. The foreplay game that leads to intense orgasms! You and your lover engage in foreplay that leads to selecting an Intense Orgasm card to act out. Spinning the foreplay wheel and carrying out actions leads to earning cards. Each card holds a unique tip for improving and intensifying orgasms with instructions for both him and her on each card.

Introduce new thrills and ideas into your relationship whilst maintaining the loving intimacy that you and your partner already share. Just draw a card to see what shade of naughtiness you will be enjoying tonight. Whether you are looking for some tender romantic moments together or want to add a little spice to the evening, Good Times Here We Cum Couples Game will deliver!

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Why Should You Play this Game?

Players take turns with the “foreplay spinner” and perform the directed actions on the other player. One of the eight spins is “earn a die” and when a player earns two dice, they are rolled to select a card to act out one of 36 possible combinations from Intense Orgasm Cards.

The cards contain instructions for sex positions and actions. According to the company, some cards are “for him” and some are “for her,” but each includes instructions for how each player can maximize their pleasure.

“Couples are more and more expanding the variety they seek from our line during this pandemic,” Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said. “We offer this game to straight couples but have many options in our line so that every couple can discover new and unique things to do while making love. We saw a massive increase in the popularity of our line in 2020 and continue to see the same in 2021. We’re thrilled that we can continue to help couples stay home and stay safe and have hot cum-gushing sex with each other during these troubling times.”

Kheper carries an extensive line of romance games, including Mind, Body & Soul, Sex!, Lust!, Let’s Fool Around, Let’s F*ck!, Fantasy Affairs, Intimacy, Oral Sex, Intimate Encounters, Creative Kisses, Seductions Kits and more.

(Adapted from XBiz, January 6, 2021, Lyn Bimey).

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