More Extreme Personal Questions Party Game

More Extreme Personal Questions Party Game


  • Manufacturer: Kheper Games
  • Includes: 200 cards (400 questions) and Game Rules

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More Extreme Personal Questions Party Game

More Extreme Personal Questions Party Game. A follow-up version to the very popular Extreme Personal Questions Game. Game play is the same. Players take turns asking the group questions and the first two volunteers share their answers. The group votes for their favorite answer, and that player wins the card as the point. A player wins after 5 points. The content delivers well on the name of the game, so brace yourself! Questions are HUGELY personal! Sample questions “What is the worst stain you have ever left?” and “What do you like to play with but only when you are alone?”

More Extreme Personal Questions Party Game Includes: 200 cards (400 questions) and Game Rules

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