Booze Implants Flask

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booze implants flask
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Booze Implants Flask
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  • Manufacturer: Kheper Games
  • Holds: 2 implants each holds 4 ouncez

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Booze Implants Flask

Booze Implants Flask from Kheper Games. Nice cock. Hide your booze in your bra. You thirsty? Hold 4 ounces each. Hide your booze where everyone will look, but will not dare to touch. Unless invited. Each fun flask holds 4 ounces and they fit snugly inside of a woman’s bra. For best use, place the caps towards each other, so they appear to be part of the bra’s center. Great for hiding your booze at events! Color Beige, Pink.

4 reviews for Booze Implants Flask

  1. Danielle

    Love these perfect for concerts and other events all plastic so will not set off the metal detector

  2. Cait

    When i first saw these, i chuckled! But will get the job done. Good for concerts or going out to the club/bar not wanting to pay so much during girls night. Good for any occasion really.

  3. Melissa

    This is a fun gift for parties

  4. Laura

    Great for pre-gaming or sneaking something into an event with over priced drinks. I took these with me recently to a theme park full of Rumchata to add to the hot chocolate at the event. 10/10 would recommend.

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