Golden FU Finger Trophy

Golden FU Finger Trophy


  • Manufacturer: Little Genie


Golden FU Finger Trophy

Golden FU Finger Trophy from Little Genie. Recognize the olympic level fucker in your home, school, office or team with the FU Finger Trophy. This 6 inch trophy is fully customizable for that unique fuckwad. Choose from our favorite accomplishments such as #1Boss, Winner, Participation Award, #1 Fucker, Best Ex, Excellence and Big Deal, or create your own.  Never let another fucker in your life go unrecognized!

How to Liven Up Your Birthday Party

The perfect birthday party begins with setting the perfect scene! There are many ways to liven up your birthday party and if your party is for grown-ups only then we are the store for you!  Whether you’re going with a penis or boob theme or just a general Happy F*ing Birthday Theme we have a large selection of:

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