Doxy Lord Prostate Attachment

Doxy Lord Prostate Attachment


  • Manufacturer: Nexus
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Size: 3.93″ long
  • Color: Black

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Doxy Lord Prostate Attachment

Upgrade your Doxy Die Cast 3 and Die Cast 3R with the Doxy Lord Prostate Attachment! The Doxy Number 3 range has a unique head that can be easily unscrewed and replaced with any of our four specially designed attachments. They are exclusively designed for Doxy to create a whole new world of wonders.

These attachments are only compatible with our smaller metal wand massager – The Die Cast 3 and Die Cast 3R

Whatever you have experienced before, you will discover supernatural sensations with the Doxy prostate massager. This beautifully designed device will reach and stimulate your prostate with all the subtlety and power you value from the Die Cast 3 and Die Cast 3R.  

Each high-quality attachment is made from granite black non-porous, odourless, hypo-allergenic silicone for sensitive smoothness. They can all be firmly fixed, so there’s no need to worry about them twisting or shifting in use.

Designed and manufactured by Nexus exclusively for the Doxy Number 3 Wand Massager, the Duchess is perfectly styled to stimulate thepenis. This is the sex toy your orgasm has been waiting for!

Remove the Doxy Number 3 head and screw on the Duchess attachment to add the Doxy power to your sex play. Turn your wand massager into a completely new sex toy!

  • 3.93″ long
  • Made from non-porous, odorless, hypo-allergenic silicone
  • Locks in place with unique screw thread lock screw fitting
  • Compatible with the DOXY 3 model only!

NOTE: This attachment may be washed separately with water but do not use your Doxy Number 3 Wand Massager anywhere near water.


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