If you’ve ever had sex, you’ve probably faked it at least once. Sadly, so many women have had to fake it, that it’s become something as a joke. According to Western University psychologists Claire Salisbury and William Fisher, 70% of women do not experience orgasm during intercourse. But 90% of men do!

While most women at one time have faked it, most men are convinced that their partners never fake it. Which means we are pretty good actors! But why do we fake it?

We give all sorts of justifications for faking it. Our customers have told us they didn’t want to make their partner feel bad or inadequate. The most common reason we here is that they just wanted to end and their partner wouldn’t be happy until they perceived a climax. Which is great news, because that means most partners are concerned with our happiness and want us to have a happy ending!

Orgasm is a great release. Not only is it pleasurable, but it improves your overall mood, releases stress, boosts immunity, helps with your sleep and makes you feel closer to your partner. So why are we so willing to compromise our own satisfaction for the sake of our partner’s ego?

If we want something, we need to fight for it! Today we have more access to education and sex toys than ever before. But one thing the internet can’t improve is communication with your partner. Speak to them and let them know what works for you and what doesn’t. Take control of your sexual satisfaction. And if your partner can’t bring you to an orgasm, then bring one to yourself!

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