Stop Wearing Underwear!

What do you put on in the morning (Before your clothes)?

If you said underwear, we at Fantasy Gifts urge you to rethink.  Underwear is conventional, safe and, let’s face it. boring.  Plain cotton panties and a functional bra?  Or worse, period stained underwear and no bra?  Ladies, how you feel about yourself starts from the inside.  When you put on your first clothing layer of the day, do you want to feel frumpy or sexy, timid or powerful? If your answer is the latter, then please, stop wearing underwear and start wearing lingerie!

Most women think sexy is actually having your bra and panties match.  The general consensus seems to be that lingerie is made to be removed, quickly.  Garter belts and stockings are too much work.  Corsets are too binding.  You get the picture.  Women need to get out of the mindset that lingerie is just for sex.  Lingerie isn’t for your partner, it’s for you!

Most women buy lingerie for one of two reasons: indulgence or seduction.  However, lingerie can be inexpensive and no partner is required.   If more women were to think about how they feel when they wear lingerie rather than how it makes someone else feel, it can be very empowering.  The feeling of lingerie underneath your clothing can make a huge difference in your confidence level.  Think about when you have a good hair day or how you look in your favorite outfit.  It gives you instant empowerment.  Suddenly you stand taller, walk with a little more swing in your hips and perhaps even flirt more openly.  You can achieve those same effects while wearing lingerie.  Only you know what’s underneath your clothing.  That little secret can be an instant confidence-booster.  No matter what your body type or issue, lingerie makes you feel better, more confident and sexier.

Lingerie wearing can also help you change your persona.  Feeling a little feisty?  Try a red satin number under your business suit with garters and stockings.  Want to play demure?   A simple white teddy will make you feel sweet and innocent.  You will be amazed at powerful you become when you feel sexy.

Remember, lingerie isn’t about sex.  It’s about your inner sexuality.  It’s for you and no one else.  If you feel beautiful and sexy, you will communicate those feelings to the universe.  Seduce yourself by making yourself worth of seduction.  So celebrate your body and your soul – and stop wearing underwear and start wearing lingerie.

* This blog was updated on September 2, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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