Stroker for Your Poker

At Fantasy Gifts, there is no shame in your stroking game! We hear it a lot of the time that the toy instudy just doesn’t seem to have the same amount of products for penis owners that vulva owners have – but that’s not necessarily true. You have to look outside the box and see what is truly available to you and your junior. Our sex shop near Philadelphia has all the strokers you will need for your poker!

Getting a Handful of Yourself

Feeling yourself in the actual sense with some of our favorite manual masturbators. If you are someone who doesn’t want or need all the super high-tech features or molds of other masturbators, we have quite a few options for you. Starting with many of the masturbators in the PDX line, especially the Coed Cocksucker, this product will do the job just fine! If you are less interested in realistic looking, but still want something simple, the M2 Superior Stroker or the Arcwave Pow are perfect alternatives.

Just the Tip

Sometimes massaging just the tip of the penis, the glans to be exact, is enough to satisfy you for a long time. Glans masturbators can range from goofy such as the CutiePies Hannah’s Handful and Zero Tolerance’s Lick The Tip to a more sophisticated and multi-use wand like the Satisfyer Men Wand. Glans masturbators are also great for partners to use during any type of partnered play!

The Real Deal… Almost

Realistic is exactly what you need when your imagination is just as important if not most important during your solo play time and there are plenty of great options to choose from. Butts are probably the most realistic thing you’ll find in any store when it comes to realistic parts such as the Zero Tolerance Rear Beauty. But sometimes when you need more, you can always grab yourself a Fuck Me Silly 2 Mega Masturbator or even order yourself an Ultimate Fantasy Doll to take home as a companion.

High Tech Humping

If you are someone that appreciates the high-tech or items being decked out with different features, you will definitely find so many options in our stores and online. The Zolo Blowstation is something straight out of a viral TikTok or Instagram real – it looks like a gaming set that can hold your phone so you can use both hands to customize your experience. If you prefer having something that can be controlled by your phone or by someone else, especially at a distance, you’ll thoroughly love the Svakom Alex Neo 2 Stroker or the Lovense Max 2.

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Stroker to Spice Up Your Pleasure

There are so many other ways to enjoy solo and partnered play, but what feels good to you will be most important! Fantasy Gifts is the best place to buy all different strokers and masturbators for your pleasure!

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