We love making some predictions and helping our customers follow the latest trends – here are some of the things we think will be popular this summer!

earthly body mini mania travel set

It’s the summer which means vacations upon vacations upon weekend trips! And with that, it means packing small and light (if possible) and maybe even a few pieces of clothing or shoes that match a few outfits. This applies to your sex toys and other products too! Travel with a mini wand or finger vibe that can fit easily into your pocket or wrapped up in a pair of undies to take up the least amount of space and they can be used on any type of body! Also, don’t forget to pack some lube! We have travel friendly bottles of lubricants and pheromone oils and sprays! And don’t forget, silicone lube can be a great chub-rub reducer on your beautiful thighs!

Speaking of pheromones, it’s the time of year where more people are hooking up and finding some loves! Need to give yourself a little boost of confidence this summer? Check out our favorite Pure Instinct Pheromone roll-on oil or our newest line – Simply Sexy – which has been selling out since we brought it in. Both wonderful lines are from our favorite bath and body manufacturer – Classic Brands!

Other ways to stay trendy and feel confident this summer is dress to impress (mostly yourself). Feeling good means wearing something comfortable and this year sheer and lace are back as the reigning champs of materials in clothing and lingerie. Also, underwear as outerwear is still a thriving trend so we might recommend a set such as Leg Avenue’s 81646 for a sleek and sexy where anywhere at anytime look!

love all of me

With the new live action The Little Mermaid coming out last month at the same time as festival season, we suspected mermaidcore would be an up-and-coming trend to watch. With this, you can grab some shell pasties to put under your sheer outfits or even grab our Dreamgirl Mermaid bedroom costume for any parties you might attend!

And last, but certainly not least is the colors you’ll find this summer. Surprisingly, black is making a come-back for outfits this summer, but so is soft purples (like lavender and periwinkle). If you want your toys to stay in season, you might want to consider Blush’s Impressions Amsterdam vibrating dildo or our Blush Wellness Dilator Set (and yes, you CAN use these for more than exercises)! Sunset or ombre colors are also making a strong comeback this summer and Eve’s Sunset Dreams dildo would be the perfect edition to your collection!

We can’t wait to see what comes up for the rest of this summer!

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