Adult Pool Party

Who wants to have a boring summer with basic beach balls, pool noodles, and G-rated games? Whether you’re heading off to a bachelor/bachelorette party, throwing a birthday extravaganza, or just hosting an adult only neighborhood BBQ, Fantasy Gifts NJ has everything you need to make it a little naughtier and a lot more fun!

Pool Rules

Boobie Floater

For those looking to lounge in or around the pool, it is almost mandatory to make sure you have a float that will be the center of attention for all yours guests – so we’ve got two you can choose from: the Inflatable Pecker Noodle and the Boobie Floater. Your guests will be jumping in the pool as soon as they arrive to claim their favorite. After they jump in, they’ll need to dry off, of course, so you should have some Boobie Towels ready for them. We also have Pecker Towels available in the Turnersville store only! What’s a pool party or a beach gathering without an inflatable beach ball to be tossed around and caught while jumping off the diving board?! Boobie Beach Balls are ready for you to grab a handful. Water guns aren’t just for kids – they’re for people who are kids at heart and can be used for water fights or to take straight up shots of your favorite alcohol. And last but not least, “Grill Masters” always needs their favorite apron, so don’t forget to grab your new favorite Pecker Apron before they’re gone!

Not Your Kid’s Games

cum face penis game
Cum Face Penis Game

No party or celebration is complete without some type of competition or games for your guests to play. Fantasy Gifts NJ has more than just bedroom games, we have everything from drinking games to outright ridiculous games that will have you floored by laughter. Boobie Beer Pong comes with cups and boobie pong balls that will have everyone wanting to be on your Beer Olympics team. Cum Face will help you determine who the fastest wanker is on the block and Dueling Dickies and is perfect for determining who really has the biggest dick energy. Don’t forget to grab some playing cards or grab a game of Take It Off for strip poker. Not only will you be the talk of the town, but everyone will be RSVPing to your next event because you got your gear at Fantasy Gifts NJ!

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