Surviving & Thriving Military Relationships

Long distance love is no longer seen as odd in today’s world, however it has always been the norm within those who serve in the military.  In fact, as technology advanced, so did ways to keep intimacy alive.  Sure, letters are still sent and received, especially in boot camp.  Phone calls and even Facetime have been the norm in recent decades in communicating with loved ones whether they’re stationed at a base here in the US or currently deployed elsewhere – in fact, it’s highly encouraged!

Sexual Intimacy While Enlisted

Intimacy is a closeness to a particular person, however one can categorize having any type of sex with their partner as intimate. This can be tough if your partner is on a base (and you happen to live outside of it) or while they are deployed elsewhere. Yes, there are simple ways to get that intimacy in your military relationship such as checking in regularly, holding hands (even if it is for a short time), eye contact and active listening. But, most humans also crave that sexual intimacy with their partner and that can be a little more challenging depending on the situation that partnership is experiencing.

Technology advances have allowed adult toy manufacturers to be able to not just explore, but perfect the ability to experience sexual intimacy with your partner while away from each other.  Sextech has brought about amazing brands such as We-Vibe, Satisfyer and Lovense. These brands, and soon others being released from other companies, allows partners to control the toys via bluetooth and from across the world! But, be careful – some countries and even states have laws against bringing or using certain sex toys.  Be sure to do your research before sending them off with a toy or an app that you can’t use.

Sex and Disability

Not that ever veteran comes back with a disability – physical, mental or emotional – doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be considering those with disabilities as persons who now no longer have sex. It is up to their own decision if they are interested and wanting to try to get back in the sack after a traumatic and harmful experience.  Bringing toys into the bedroom can absolutely help in providing either partner with pleasure and possibly rekindle that sexual intimacy that may have been missing.  Products that can be helpful include positioners, toys with remotes, and sometimes just massages to take the pressure of the expectation of penetrative and other types of sex.

Long distance love is a thing of the past when you have long distance toys to help keep that spark alive!

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