Taking Care of Down There

Behold the Coochy Cream System! We all want to take care of our lady parts.  And whether you shave, wax, peel, use electrolysis or just let it grow natural, your bush still needs proper pruning.  Luckily, Fantasy Gifts NJ has the perfect care system in stock!

Behold Coochy Cream!  You might know Coochy Cream if you’ve ever attended a home party.  It’s a best seller for us and it’s not hard to see why.  If you shave your bikini line, you know that irritation from ingrown hairs, red bumps, nicks and cuts can mar a perfect landscape.  Coochy Cream dramatically reduces cuts, nicks, scrapes a razor irritation.  It contains a special conditioner and moisturizer complex that provides an effortless glide for a perfect!

How does it work?  The secret ingredient is Jojoba Seed Oil – it provides a protective barrier for skin and helps seal in moisture.  Coochy also does not contain any unnecessary foaming agents which can irritate your skin.  For best results, we recommend you follow up with the After Shave Protection Mist.  Infused with soothing essential oils and ultra-hydrating moisturizers, this after shave mist provides a calming barrier designed to tighten pores and prevent irritation.

But wait there’s more!  Treat your skin to a nourishing blast with our botanical body oil mist. Infused with soothing extracts and ultra-hydrating moisturizers this multi-purpose oil absorbs instantly for a soft, satin finish. COOCHY Body Oil Mist leaves skin feeling silky smooth and seductively scented.

How long does this take?  Honestly, about 30 seconds after you shave.  After shaving simply spray the mist and you’re done!  If you like you can follow up with the Coochy Intimate Feminine Spray to keep you feeling fresh and fabulously fragranced,  Infused with natural deodorizing agents and essential extracts, this spray helps promote healthy pH balance while leaving skin softly scented.

If you’re addicted to the fragrances like we are, then you’ll want to try Coochy Body Mists.  Designed to compliment your Coochy Shave Cream, these delightfully-scented alcohol-free mist can be used to lightly fragrance the skin and hair, and may also be used to freshen your favorite linens and lingerie.

If chafing is an issue for you (and honestly, isn’t it an issue for almost everybody?!) then you’ll want to try Coochy Sweat Defense Lotion. Keep your coochy, armpits, thighs (anywhere really!) feeling fresh and dry. This protective cream to powder lotion provides the perfect defense against sweat and chafing.  Great for workouts and humid climates!

And if you’re a dude, the Cream and Lotion work just as well on your parts and you’ll love all the scents (although au natural is our best seller for him!).  So pamper yourself and your skin and treat your parts to some extra care!  And read the review of Coochy Cream by our resident sex toy expert Lady Genevieve for her sexy scoop!

Originally published September, 2018 and updated with new products June, 2021.

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