The Sex Toy That Complements Your Love Language

The Sex Toy That Complements Your Love Language

The five love languages help describe ways that people enjoy receiving and expressing love. Knowing your partner’s love language and helping them to understand yours allows you both to feel loved, seen, and best of all, appreciated. You may or may not have the same love language as your partner, which can lead to misunderstandings. By taking the time to identify yours, you can help ensure that you have a better understanding and growth in your relationship. This includes the bedroom.

Sex Toys For Each Love Language

After learning your partner’s love language, you can buy sex toys or games that may help heighten their pleasure. The five main love languages include:

#1 Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation mean that they enjoy hearing affection through praise or words. This can include love notes or quotes. If your partner is a female, a sexy lingerie piece that highlights your favorite parts of their body works best. Have them try it on and tell them all the ways you love their body and what you love about them in general. 

#2 Quality Time

This love language wants your undivided attention. They feel most loved when you’re focused and present. This means that you are actively listening, off your phone, and in the moment. Our Love Vouchers for Him and Her are a great way to show your partner you care. Gift them a voucher for a candlelit dinner, a massage, or a day in bed, and spend some nice quality time together.

#3 Physical Touch

If your partner’s primary love language is physical touch, it means that they feel loved when you are close in proximity. Hand-holding, hugs, and cuddling could be some of their favorite ways to give and receive love. There are many toys that your physically affectionate partner may love, especially if they’re fans of exploring new sensations together during intimacy, but consider thinking outside of the box. Instead of opting for a vibrator, consider a luxury massage oil, which you can use to enhance physical contact during foreplay.

#4 Acts of Service

This means that they enjoy nice things done for them, such as helping around the house, running errands, or simply putting gas in their car. During intimacy, turning the attention onto your partner and prioritizing their pleasure can be an act of service. Try buying a new couple’s sex toy such as a sex dice game to explore different ways to please each other! 

#5 Receiving Gifts

If this is your partner’s love language, it doesn’t necessarily mean large or expensive gifts. More often than not, they just appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift-giving process. Perhaps buy a massage candle to enjoy together, or treat your partner to a new lingerie set that they would never invest in themselves. Any way to show your partner you’ve thought of them will be appreciated. 

Shop For Men’s And Women’s Sex Toys Online

When you want to find sex toys that compliment your and your partner’s love language, Fantasy Gifts NJ has you covered. We sell a large variety of toys that will ensure that your every desire is fulfilled. All of our products are made of high-quality materials and, best of all, all at affordable prices. To browse our inventory, visit our sex shop in Philadelphia. Ultimately, finding things that heighten your intimate time together will only allow your relationship to continue to blossom over time.

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