This Not That: Sex Furniture

I’m sure some of you may have seen that Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop is now offering at $28,000 sex chair and we are here to say: please don’t. Realistically, not many of us can actually buy it without putting a second mortgage on our house, however, there are plenty more inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing options to the general public than things from overpriced retailer Kiki de Montparnasse. Fantasy Gifts NJ offers several different options for positioners that wouldn’t be too hard on your wallet AND is easy to store away if you don’t have the space (or feel comfortable) keeping it out in the open, even if in a private bedroom:

Position Pillows

inflatable position pillow

Position pillows are cushions in various shapes that can help improve certain sex positions for both able-bodied and those functionally diverse. Fantasy Gifts NJ sells both an inexpensive inflatable version (for those who need to easily hid their toys) to a more firm wedge that can still hide in plain sight if needed. The inflatable pillow also comes with handles for those who need to sturdy themselves or use them during their BDSM sessions.

Sex Swings For All Occasions

Fantasy Gifts NJ also carries a variety of sex swings that would also be more considerate to your credit score than that chair worth the same amount as a 2022 Nissan. These sex swings range from a body swing that someone can simply wear all the way to a bondage swing that comes with cuffs and restraints and holds up to 500 lbs!

A Whole Dang Sofa

Recently, Fantasy Gifts NJ also started stocking an inflatable sex sofa that comes with some great accessories – wrist and ankle cuffs, a blind fold, and even an automatic air pump because they always seem to go missing when we need them the most. This set is perfect for all types of BDSM play and works well for those who do not happen to have their own Sex Room to store it 24/7.

All of these products are under $300, so I think it is safe to say that you do not need to envy the person who can afford to throw away money on a chair that looks like it won’t hold more than a single person. Rather you can sigh in relief that you’ve made a smart and reasonable decision with your hard earned money.

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