tips for better anal play

Looking for tips for better anal play!? It’s Anal August – the one (!) month we spotlight anal play! Just kidding – we spotlight anal play all year long! But whether you’re new to anal play or a seasoned veteran, we have tips to make your anal play more enjoyable!

  • Relax! The sphincter muscles are meant to clench but if you’re clenching too much, you’re not going to get anything in there! So set the stage for anal play! Relax, take a bath, light some candles, lie back and enjoy!!
  • Lube, lube and more lube! The anus does not provide enough natural lubrication for anal sex, so it is important to always use anal lubricants.  What type of anal lubricant you use depends on whether you are using a toy, the material of the toy and and whether you are looking at a desensitizer or not.  Anal lubricants can be water based, silicone based or a hybrid.  They may or may not contain a desensitizer which will slightly numb the anus. Remember to use desensitizers with caution, pain is your body’s way of telling you to go slowly so you do not want to impair that communication.
  • Start small! Like any muscle, the anus is going to be tight if it isn’t used to penetration. Start with finger play or a small butt plug with a tapered tip. As you body becomes more receptive to anal toys, you can go bigger. Some anal toys vibrate and others are meant to penetrate deeply enough to stimulate the P-Spot. Just make sure any anal toy you use has a flared base so it doesn’t get lost up there!
  • Clean It! If using toys or any body part, make sure you clean it before going to another body part to avoid bacterial transmission. Toy cleaner or even soap and warm water will work!
tips for better anal play

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