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What do traveling for work, going on bae-cations, and being in long-distance relationships all have in common? There are travel companions we have for you to bring WHEVER you decide to go. We know TSA and airline rules to keep us safe might be a bummer – if your liquid bottles are too big or if batteries aren’t hitting FAA regulations – but we have travel safe products that are safe enough to keep in your carry-on during your fight and other travels!


travel companions lovense ferri panty vibe
Lovense Ferri Panty Vibe

Toys are travel companions are admittedly not going to be as high on your “To Pack” list like underwear or a toothbrush, but they SHOULD be just as important if you are going away with your significant other or if your in the midst in a long-distance relationship (whether temporarily or the norm). Toys that are travel friendly are going to be easy to pack, have the appropriate batteries, and of course, have the travel safety lock so it doesn’t turn on and die during your travels (especially if you don’t bring the charger with you).

  • Panty vibes are great in general because they are going to be small enough to fit in your pocket, or if traveling via car (or bus or train), can slip right on to your underwear and can be used for other things that both penis and vulva owners can enjoy. Lovense and We-Vibe have the best products to invest in because majority of their lines that can be app-controlled and used across the country (they even boast across the world)!
  • Clitoral vibes and stimulators can be about the size of a lipstick packed away in your make-up bag. There are even vibes that look EXACTLY like a lipstick, mascara, or even a lip balm will be a great cover if you accidentally leave it out while visiting your grandparents.
travel companions palmpower pocket mini massager
PalmPower Pocket Mini Massager
  • Wands and body massagers are probably the last on anyone’s minds as far as traveling with because of their general size, but PalmPower created the cutest little mini massager that even comes with the perfect carry case! If you are more of a battery fan or don’t need something super strong, Body Wand also has battery-powered line that is just as cute and can be discreetly hidden in your carry-ons.
  • For any penis-owners on your trip, cock-rings and disposable strokers will be your best friend when traveling! They are inexpensive, require no batteries, can easily be stowed away in a pair of socks or a hidden pocket in your bag, and discarded once you’re done with them! For those who are looking for something long-distance, Lovense also has a masturbator that when it is paired with another masturbator or the Nora, can be connected and be experienced at the same time!
  • And don’t forget the dildos – harder to hide but for some, the best travel companion around! Don’t fret, we have some summer-y dongs to go with your favorite cocktails.

Oils, Lubes, and Other Enhancements

We know you already have your own liquid must-haves you take with you and sure, they don’t seem like obvious travel companions, but let me tell you what why they are and what you’re missing:

Travel Companions UberLube Good to go traveler
UberLube Good-to-Go Traveler
  • Silicone lube has one benefit that water-based can’t really carry with it – combating chub rub. Yup, if you experience the humid summers of New Jersey, you know that deodorant doesn’t always work (rubs off, gets on all your clothes, smells like your pits, etc.), but silicone doesn’t absorb through the skin and can last for hours before you have to reapply and it is easy to rinse off when you’re done. UberLube has their very own travel container when your purchase their 15ml bottles (that can also be refillable) and Pjur also has travel-sized you can find in store. If you don’t leave near either of our South Jersey locations, you can always purchase a 3.4 oz bottle and put it in your checked-in luggage (if you have that option).
travel companions afterglow cleansing wipes
AfterGlow Cleansing Tissues
  • If using toys in your travels is not out of the question, hybrid lubes also work wonders in this scenario. System Jo Hybrid that does come in 2.0 fl oz so it can fit right into your carry-on if flying!
  • Don’t forget your Coochy! Not carry-on friendly, but the Shave Cream and Sweat Defense lotion to powder are travel must haves when showing some skin. And don’t be fooled by the name – these products work great for anyone that shaves AND in a pinch, the shave cream can double as a conditioner if you forgot to pack it.
  • Condoms and Dental Dams are a must for those one night flings to Vegas.. or Atlantic City… or anywhere you are celebrating your sexual freedom, but do it SAFELY!
  • When on bae-cation or your honeymoon, you don’t need to plan or pay for a massage when you can just do it yourself! Massage products are perfect for creating intimate moments in your own space. The System Jo All-In-One Massage Kit is a perfect purchase with a travel sized bottle of oil, a candle, and a manual massager to use on your partner. Or, if you’re tight for space, a massage candle from Kama Sutra can be great for ambiance, giving off a wonderful scent, and when lit, the wax turns on massage oil.
  • You never want to forget the toy cleaner, but with most being over the carry-on limit, AfterGlow Cleansing Tissues (they’re wipes) are the perfect replacement! In fact, they are body-safe for all types of clean up (even removing sand from those sensitive places) and can be tossed right after being used.

What DON’T I Need?

Okay, so this list may have extended your “To Pack” list by three more pages, but consider yourself and what you like and what you can realistically bring with you on any type of trip. The other thing to keep in mind is that this a great list for those who have smaller living/hiding places at home or are great even for day trips or spontaneous date nights.

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