Actively Trying To Get Pregnant

Originally published October, 2018. 

Odd isn’t it?  It seems we spend the bulk of our sexually active life trying to NOT get pregnant but as soon as you want a baby, it all just becomes so much more complicated!  According to my high school gym teacher, I could get pregnant the first time (true), at any time of the month (also true) and my mother would know if I was having sex just by looking at me (quite possibly true).  So if it’s so easy to get pregnant, why do so many couples struggle to conceive?

Almost one in every eight couples struggle to conceive.  One easy way to improve your chance, pick boxers over briefs!  Scientists at Harvard analyzed semen samples from 656 men aged 18-56 who had been seen at a fertility clinic.  Half wore boxers, the other briefs.  Researchers found that boxer wearers had 25% higher sperm concentration, 17% higher overall sperm count and 33% higher moving sperm count.  It is believed that loose fitting underwear helps keep the testicles cool – apparently cool testicles are a key factor in sperm production.  So rather than ice those puppies, simply trade out your tighty-whities for some loose fitting boxers and you’ll have already improved your odds of conceiving.

System JO Actively Trying

System JO has also introduced a new lubricant specifically designed for couples trying to get pregnant.  Most pleasure boosting lubricants actually make conception more difficult for couples.  Researchers have found that some lubricants, particularly those that have a warm or tingly affect, can reduce sperm mobility and may actually cut sperm speed in half!  Actively Trying relieves vaginal dryness without harming sperm. By mimicking the pH of sperm, Actively Trying creates a warm, happy home for sperm. It also provides immune support for sperm to make sure your little guys have a long, happy life on the way to their final destination.

Just remember, not all personal lubricants are created equal, particularly when you are trying to conceive. In fact, some like K-Y Jelly and Astroglide may actively impede your chances of conception so do your research! This great article by Very Well Family does a great job breaking down how types of lubricant can impact sperm.

Lubricant and underwear changes are an easy, low-cost way to improve your chances of getting pregnant.  Obviously it can’t solve all your problems, but it can certainly make trying easier and more pleasurable!!

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