Twee Trend in Sex Toys

The word ‘twee’ is primarily a British term and is defined as “affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint” – think of Peter Pan collars, pleated skirts, Mary-Jane shoes, vintage fashion and even outdated electronics. TikTok has highlighted this trend in fashion and decor, to the point where but it has been mentioned in articles such as the Wall Street Journal and in one of our own industry’s social network, XBIZ. The big question here is how can one determine that their sex toys are a part of this ‘twee design’ trend?

The Rabbit is Dead

double tap g-spot vibrator
Double Tap G-Spot Vibrator

Okay, the Rabbit is NOT actually dead, and I don’t think it will ever truly disappear because it is such a huge player in the adult toy industry, however, the Rabbit doesn’t quite fall into this trend. Although there are some brands that I would consider having a ‘twee’ Rabbit, it’s few and fair between and some don’t quite look like the standard Rabbit most people purchase. More recently, Rabbits have been manufactured with so many buttons and functions that really do take them out of that ‘twee’ category (i.e. Evolved’s Show Stopper). In reading articles about the trend, the toys that follow it are very minimalistic in terms of looks, buttons, and possibly functions. Despite Rabbit’s not making the cut, this isn’t going to stop anyone from purchasing a product known and loved before it’s small screen debut on Sex and the City.

What Toys Are Considered ‘Twee’?

Dame Kip Lavender bullet
Dame Kip in Lavender

Fantasy Gifts NJ actually carry some products that have been around before the trend, follow the trend, and some will honestly be around long after it is gone. Dame is a huge player in this trend and for a good reason – they have products that are minimalistic, perfect for every gender and sexuality, and they get the job done. We-Vibe and Satisfyer are another brand that really hits the nail on the head with the trend, especially in their air pulse vibes. Evolved, who is known in the industry for trying out some odd designs, has even gone back to the basics with their Straight Forward, Sunny Sensations, and Super Slim vibrators and for those interested in anal toys, Firefly has a few cute plugs that are on trend.

If a TikTok trend is not how you pick out your toys, don’t worry because most people don’t either. Purchase what feels right for you and if you’re not sure, we have plenty of trained associates who can help!

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