When many people first learn about urethral sounding, they tend to not associate pleasure with it and this is likely due to the fact that you apply a catheter the same way – which is usually an uncomfortable feeling. The practice of urethral sounding was originally a medical procedure to help clear obstructions in the urethra or to help dilate, or expand, the urethra after a stricture.  Today, urethral sounding is engaged in by usually individuals with penis’, however vulva owners can also sound as well, for sexual satisfaction.  The satisfaction can be from the sensation of being ‘full’ in the anterior (front) of a penis owner or be another way to stimulate the prostate!

Urethral sounding is the act of inserting a glass, silicone or metal rod into the urethral opening.  You can just insert it at the very opening of the urethra or go as deep as your rod will allow – either way you are a valid urethral sounder!  This is truly a unique sensation by itself or with masturbation.  It can also help provide the sounder with stronger orgasms especially with a pee-through cum-through sounding rod (think of a hose with your thumb covering the opening slightly for a stronger spray).  There are still recommendations and cautions that should be followed when using any sounding devices.

If you are a sounding beginner, the first piece of advice is very important: practice makes perfect but you need to go slow and be careful!  Start with small toys or use trainers at first.  If you are worried about it snagging in your urethra, especially with a pee-through, cum through rod, start with a thinner rod until you get more comfortable or are willing and ready to increase the size.

When deciding if you should choose a glass/metal rod or a silicone one, it is all about preference!  Here are the pros and cons of each type to help you decide what material is best for you:

  • Glass/Metals
    • Has a smoother slide during insertion
    • This material is less forgiving so you will need to insert it while flaccid
  • Silicone
    • Can be inserted either flaccid or erect
    • Comfortable option if you were to get soft
    • Does require to be fed in

We also recommend trying to find something with a stopper at the end of your sounding rod so if you are scared it will disappear, you’ll be able to put yourself at ease a bit more!  Similar to a vagina (and unlike anal play), the rods will not get lost if they disappear BUT you will need to work it out by losing your erection or push hard as if you have to to pee but you have a kidney stone or UTI. If your rods do not have stoppers because they are double ended or just not a part of the rod you’ve purchased, you can always add a FELT (not plastic) bandaid to the rod at the place you would like to stop the rod.  The reason that we only recommend felt bandaids is because lubricants will cause the plastic to slip while the felt is created to handle water and other slippery conditions.

After engaging in urethral sounding (and all types of sexual activity that include bodily fluids), you should pee immediately.  Research has shown that penis owners should also be sitting to pee to fully empty out their bladder! This will also help remove any lubricant leftover from the sounding.

Cleaning is super important in the use and care of sounding rods. Silicone is pretty easy to clean by boiling then in hot water or using the sanitizing feature on your dishwasher (and of course keeping in a safe and sanitary toy bag or kit). If you have metal or glass rods, we highly recommend against using any brushes to clean as it can create mircotears that you may not feel with your fingers, but can be sensed in the urethra and cause pain.  Isopropyl alcohol is a great way to keep a urethral sounding rod clean. If you have a sanitizer setting on your dishwasher, you can use that or if you must boil them, then you will need to boil them in a more shallow pan.  This is to avoid them bouncing around and also creating those microtears.

Just remember that your body will tell you when something is too deep or no longer pleasurable.  Listen to it!