Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Its official – we are exactly 1 month away from Valentine’s Day! To help everyone out, we’ve curated a list of some of hottest gift ideas for vulva-owners to try and help make shopping easier or to give you a kick in the butt to get started now!

Shegasm 10x hearts desire clitoral stimulator
Shegasm 10X Hearts Desire Clitoral Stimulator

For some people, it really is the little things that count. You don’t have to spend a whole lot to let your person know you love them. Starting small but meaningful, make sure you leave them some Love Notes leading up to the 14th (Pro Tip: Do it every day of the year).

For the chocolate lover the Erotic Lovers Chocolate Body Paint allows them to indulge in multiple senses at once and will love every second of it. For the chance taker – give them a chance to win a night “down unda” and with the Oral Sex Scratch Tickets. Trust us, they’re sure to win.

For the person who has you in a triad relationship with their air pulse toys, we have two products from Shegasm that are perfect gift to remind your partner that you love them as much as their love for toys. Those who products are Shegasm 10X Hearts Desire clitoral stimulator and the Love on Me dual stimulator.

For the partner that enjoys risk taking, Lovense released their new panty vibe – Flexer – just before the holidays and if you missed out on the opportunity to gift then, here is your chance for redemption! Also, a fun way to spend dinner or other romantic adventures out in public 😉

evolved heat up & chill rabbit vibrator
Evolved Heat Up & Chill Rabbit

Evolved‘s Heat Up & Chill Rabbit is perfect when you want to heat things up after you Netflix & Chill. This incredible rabbit not only heats up quickly, but cools down just as fast whether it is turning it right on or switching from one to another. This is great for different experiences in the bedroom with your Valentine!

This list is merely skimming the surface of what is available for your partner and ideas you may have for gifting. For more ideas – you can visit our Valentine’s section online or shop with us in-store with our trained associates who are always happy to help find something for everyone!

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