Is sex like pizza?

Is even bad sex OK sex? For many people, vanilla sex works just fine. Why fix what isn’t broken? In honor of ice cream month, however, we’d thought you’d like some ideas on how to improve on vanilla sex! (Source Cosmopolitan, June 2016)

Vanilla sex with a swirl! In the missionary position, hold his shoulders and wrap your legs around his waist. Use that leverage to swing upward, transitioning to girl on top. The quick change means he’ll be hitting new spots inside you. Once you’re on top, you can get your grind on.

Vanilla sex with sprinkles! Kneel with your feet under your body and reach forward with your hands in front of you, like in child’s pose. Arch your hips as high as you can be as he enters you from behind. The position seems typical, but the direct action with your G-spot is anything but. And bonus: he’ll love the view!

Vanilla sex with whipped cream! Place two pillows under your butt while in missionary. The altered point of entry will make you feel like you’ve invented a whole new kind of action. Take away one of the pillows for a new feel.

Speaking of vanilla sex tends to make one think about ice cream and sundaes… use our System Jo flavored lubricants to make a vanilla sundae with each other. Use this to slowly work your way into a spicy sex life.

* This blog was updated on January 11, 2023 to remove or update links and information.

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