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Lady Genevieve takes a look at the VeDO Hummer Super BJ Machine – BLACK PEARL. This machine promises to transform the everyday BJ into something revolutionary! The video has gone viral on line but is it a hit, or a miss? Our resident sex toy expert Lady Genevieve enlists the help of her man to give us the Sexy Scoop!

After getting back on track and back into the blog writing business, and having so many good reviews thus far, it was only a matter of time before we came to something that wasn’t so great.

VeDO is really stepping up their game – going from battery operated to enhanced quality and USB charging capabilities to making a Platinum line for Men.  For the shorter time they’ve been in the game, I can say I am impressed with their strides.  However, I think they may have jumped the gun on creating the Hummer for men.  The VeDO Hummer is a “hands-free blow job machine”, but it’s not as “hands-free” as advertised.

The Hummer Super BJ Machine from VeDO

First off, this was my first time trying to set up a big machine like this.  It has to be plugged into the wall and despite the longer cord, you can’t move around with it.  It has a heavy main unit that you don’t want to be holding at all during use.  This unit is the majority of the weight behind the box you buy the Hummer in.  You then have to connect a tube to the silicone and TPE masturbating sleeve BUT DONT PUSH IN TOO MUCH cause then it wont work.  How do you know it’s in right?  No idea.  There’s no pop or click or really any indicator that it is in (in)correctly.  King Big Cream and I thought we could “feel” it in right (which really is truly hard to explain), but even then, it would pop out during use and it would happen frequently. 

Despite the advertised “109 suction impulses per minute”, 5 different intensity levels and 5 different speeds, and remote control, there is nothing that can distract you from the fact that it is not really hands-free.  Repeatedly, despite being as erect as a penis can get, it would fall to the side or (despite the use of lube or even lack thereof), fall off.  It only says in the SMALLEST print prossible on the outside of the box that a penis must be at least 1.25 inches in diameter for it to work properly.  Okaaaay, thanks for that “warning” but even with Big Cream having that size minimum, it still wasn’t “hands-free” which is the point, right!?

Hummer Super BJ Machine Box

King Big Cream has used it a couple of times since our first trial with it and although he does say when he can somehow keep the tubing in and it does feel “nice”, he can never seem to finish with it.  It ends up that he always goes back to finishing manually. I will say at full disclosure that at this point in our relationship, he has only used one, maybe two, masturbators in his life, he prefers his hand.  That could change as we continue to be partners in the exploration and review of toys, however, right now, he wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. 

I say it probably can be bought and enjoyed by those who have the money to spend (yes, it is quite a bit of change), but also, who are more skilled and versed in using toys.  I can truly say I believe due to Big Cream’s inexperience (and even my inexperience with male maturbators), we likely did not get to enjoy the VeDO Hummer as much as we could have.
Stay Sexual!

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