Sex After Prostate Surgery


Advice for living with a medical condition.age related issues.sexual dysfunction.

Sometimes there are things that happen in life that we just can’t prevent. Dealing with a medical condition or sexual related issue can effect your private life and lead to intimacy problems. You don't have to suffer alone. It may be embarrassing to discuss these issues with your partner. Your doctor may have referred you to our store or recommended that you use a specific product that will help your situation and you don't know where to begin. Fear not, Fantasy Gifts'® staff are trained to handle all of your Adult Health & Wellness questions in a professional and body positive environment.

Medical professionals that are looking for information about our products please feel free to contact us for more information regarding literature, product displays and private workshops. If you are a customer looking for additional information in regards to sexual dysfunction or a medical related illness, please schedule an Adult Health & Wellness Consultation to discuss your issue.

All of our consultations are confidential. You will always receive informed, honest answers and receive complimentary support via email after the consultation to ensure that you get the most out of your experience. We are available from 9am-5pm EST. Mon-Fri.