What Are Massage Candles, and How Do You Use Them?

What Are Massage Candles, and How Do You Use Them

We can’t stress enough how important foreplay is in sex. Setting the mood is one of the crucial elements that ensure you’ll have an incredible time in the bedroom. Touching is common, but is there a way to spice things up a bit more? Well, there is. Soft mood lighting, appealing scents, and body-safe oils are ingredients to an amazing sexual experience, courtesy of massage candles.

What Are Massage Candles?

Massage candles are an amazing way to relax and arouse your partner. They are a special type of candle made of paraffin wax. Like ordinary candles, paraffin wax hardens when it dries. However, when the candle melts, it turns into oils that you can use for massaging the body. 

The benefits of massage oils are plenty. Not only does it smell and feel good, but the oils are great for your skin. Due to the candle format of the oils, they’re certain to be pleasantly warmed and ideal for massaging. The soothing glow of the candle and the alluring smells that come from it will surely create a nice mood for an even nicer night.

How Do You Use Massage Candles?

Like a regular candle, you have to light and wait for it to melt before you can use it for massaging. While you wait for the wax to melt and be ready to use, you can still experiment with other ways to use the candle.

Use it as Sexy Lighting First

We use the massage candle as sexy lighting first. It’s a soft glow that can help couples get in tune with their body. Touching your partner while smelling the sweet smell from the candle in semi-darkness intensifies the excitement. 

Use it With a Blindfold

Adding a blindfold to the mix can enhance everything that you and your partner feel. Your senses of touch and smell will be electrified if you use the massage candle and blindfold in unison.

Use it as Massage Oil

Once the candle has melted, you can use it as a massage oil. Once you check and know it’s not scaldingly hot, pour some of the melted wax onto your partner’s body while slowly caressing every part of them. The smoothness, warm temperature, and tempting aroma of the massage wax can easily lead to a gratifying night.

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