You may know what a condom is but do you know what is a dental dam? Or if you should be using one or not? Unfortunately, while sex education usually covers the all mighty condom, they give no time to the mighty dental dam!

Other than acting as a means to prevent pregnancy, dental dams serve a very similar function to the condom. They prevent sexually transmitted disease during sexual activity. Condoms work during intercourse and oral sex but only oral sex on him. Dental dams can prevent STD’s during oral sex with a vagina or during rimming.

Contrary to what President Clinton said, oral sex is still sex. And because it is the exchange of bodily fluids, you can contract STI’s such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV (although not the spread of HPV and herpes). For someone reason, dams have been marketed to lesbians, as if they are the only ones in danger of contracting an infection or passing an infection.

Anyone who is licking a vagina or an anus who is not in a sexually committed relationship should use a dental dam. If you’re using a condom for penetrative sex, you should definitely use a dental dam for oral sex. Sadly, most people don’t use them which is a shame because they’re so easy to use!

Made from either latex or polyurethane, they are simply a thin sheet that you use to cover the vagina or anus. Best of all, they’re flavored! We carry a Trustex dam in mint. If you’re looking for other flavors, just ask and we’ll get them for you! Other flavors in the Trustex line include strawberry, vanilla, banana, and grape. Try them all! For more information on oral sex, read our blog.

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