how to gift a sex toy

We’ve been in this industry long enough to know that everyone, and we do mean everyone, loves getting a sex toy! Even people who don’t like to shop in our stores, still like getting the gift of a sex toy. It’s why we’re constantly called upon to donate gift cards and raffle baskets for every event, in almost every age group. Which made us think, if everyone loves to get a sex toy, why don’t we gift sex toys more often?

According to CalExotics’ survey on gifting sex toys.

  • 88 percent of people say they would be open to receiving a sex toy as a gift from a romantic partner, with the vast majority saying they’d be “thrilled” or “intrigued” about it.
  • Almost half of those surveyed said that they would be receptive to receiving a sex toy as a gift from a friend. In fact, nearly 30 percent said they would be “happy” about it, while another 20 percent said they would be “embarrassed but secretly excited.”
  • Men are more likely to feel intrigued about receiving a sex toy from a partner.
  • Single folks were more likely to have given a sex toy as a gift.

Despite this, only 1 in 3 people have ever given a sex toy. As adult toy store owners, we understand the dilemma. We are often afraid to make any assumptions about one’s personal sexual preferences or taste. We don’t want to make a judgment about the recipient or make them feel as if they are being judged. Giving bondage or anal toys seem to be the hardest presents to gives, but the ones most likely to be gratefully received.

According to Nichole Grossman in XBiz Magazine, she sees the trends changing and believes more people will start giving sex toys as presents. She sees three reasons why.

  • Couples who are separated physically can now make use of advancing technology in sex toys to still play together. Toys like We Vibe are now app-compatible so even if you are apart, you can still control each other’s toys. COVID obviously forced the separation of many couples. In order for long distance relationships to flourish, you need the intimacy of sexual contact. Giving a sex toy to a socially distanced partner can make the gap feel smaller.
  • Couples need to spice it up. Marriage and living together is difficult enough in normal times. During a pandemic, we’ve all gotten more “couple time” than perhaps we ever wished for. Suddenly we find ourselves spending much more time than usual in the company of our partners. To make it worse, none of the normal diversions such as eating out, going to the bars, the movies or the theater is even an option. In order not to kill each other, we have to find ways to keep our relationships interesting. Gifting a sex toy or a naughty game is just one way to spice things up and improve communication with our partners.
  • Singles need to spice it up too! Being alone is, well, lonely. And during a pandemic, that loneliness only intensified. Daily usage on PornHub increased almost 57% during the peak of quarantine. Gifting a sex toy to a single friend may be your single greatest act of kindness this holiday season. It acknowledges their single status and gives tacit approval to one of the benefits of being single – the ability to do what you want, when you want!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If there is ever a holiday where you can gift a sex toy, massage lotion or lingerie, this is it! So consider the gift of sex toys. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

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