Officially one of our more favorite blogs is the quarterly trends and predictions for the season and this winter has some surprises for everyone!

Started with some of the expected, products that help delve into someone’s fantasy such as Creature Cocks, costume lingerie, or even bondage/fetish have been staying pretty popular in these predictions. Some of this is being attributed to Covid as it was allowing people to explore those fantasies all while exploring pleasure solo or from long distance. Other industry professionals believe this is coming from a place of acceptance, whether it is found online, in a community that frequent, or even popular culture. Wherever your motivation is for engaging in more fantasy play, we are here to help!

Sportsheets Pivot Play Pad

The path of multipurpose and genderless products are also something that are steady trends within the industry. Aside from the infamous Gender X line, there have been more employee trainings with products that have been providing much more options for people with all genitals and we LOVE to see it!

This next trend is less about the trend itself and more about the re-wording of things. Accessibility has always been an issue when it comes to sex, especially with disabilities or looking at affordability. Sportsheet’s new Pivot line has not only modified some of their products to provide more accessibility, but they are changing their language to be more inclusive. They have also already been working on more diversity in their new packaging with everyone of different shapes and sizes. Plus, their packaging is totally recyclable which is always a plus!

Battery operated toys were not something on our radar, but our customers has been asking for more of these options than they ever have before! We can’t pin point the reason (aside from inflation, honestly), but our customers are some of the biggest reasons why we stock certain products.

The final trend is the biggest surprise of all, but not a bad one to fall into – glass materials! Dildos, massagers and plugs made of glass have been around for a while now, definitely longer than a decade at the least. But like many other trends, they’re on their way back into the limelight! It’s not just our Icicles line that is being sought out, but other brands and manufacturers are starting to release their versions as well. Glass products are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, completely body safe, can be used for temperature play AND are gender neutral which makes it the perfect toy for anyone.

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