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For years the sex toy industry has been under a stereotype that stores and companies are run by predatory and creepy men who only make and sell cheap and uncomfortable toys. After decades of breaking glass ceilings and feminism penetrating many social aspects of our lives, it is most likely that the sales associate(s), the owner of the brick and mortar or online store, and even the owner or CEO of the company manufacturing the toy you are purchasing is a feminine figure or part of the LGBT+ community. It is not only an amazing thing to see women dominate a once male controlled industry, but it has really changed the atmosphere and the vision that is adult pleasure. Packaging has changed from pornstars and naked women in risqué poses (although they do admittedly still exist on certain products) to aesthetically pleasing packaging with beautiful colors or patterns that won’t scare away a curious and potential buyer. Associates are trained regularly to provide sexual health and wellness information that isn’t shared with us in our sex education classes in school. They can not only help answer your questions or best guide you where to find the right answer, but they make it a comfortable atmosphere, a sex positive one.

Blush Luxe Anastasia Vibrator

Women Owned and Operated Companies

French Kiss Sweet Talker package
Calexotics French Kiss Sweet Talker

Some of the larger selections of brands we carry are run by women and it isn’t intentional. Calexotics is a well known brand across the globe with many awards to prove it and it’s founder and CEO is Susan Colvin. Nu Senseuelle was co-founded husband and wife duo – Barry and Thao Luu-Brinberg, however it is very well know that Thao is the heart of the company. Dame has made history several time since it was started back in 2014 by women – largest crowdfunded sex toy in history, getting a sex toy on Kickstart but their advocacy, but what really put them on the map was when they sued the NYC subways for discrimination in advertising in 2019 and now they are one of the most sought after brands around the world. Blush was founded by Verna Meng who not only had a rapidly growing company world wide, but also sponsored Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit as well as the bi-annual Sexual Health Expo. And this is just a handful of those in the highest positions while many other companies and manufacturers have women in other

Fantasy Gifts: Who We Are

Our store is completely run by women on the back end and our staff primarily identify as women or are part of the LGBTQ+ community, but while we find comfort in our buildings, we know there is more to an inviting atmosphere than just a a friendly mom being the face of our company (shout out to our owner, Dee, for being an amazing trailblazer in this field!). Fantasy Gifts has been around since 1980, both in Minnesota and New Jersey. We are family owned and operated and It’s the fact that we want to make this a positive experience for everyone that walks through out door, that they can find a place that won’t judge them for wanting to know their bodies or themselves, that we are encouraging safe an healthy relationships and habits, and that we are a place to encourage physical and mental wellbeing despite what you may have thought or felt in the past.

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