Information on Anal Play and the Prostate from Fantasy Gifts®

Following the rules for anal play when stimulating the prostate is very important! Keep your prostate happy and healthy by stimulating the p-spot regularly!The prostate is a gland that is part of the male sex organs. Its main function is to secrete and store a clear, slightly basic fluid that is part of semen. A healthy human prostate is slightly larger than a walnut. It surrounds the urethra just below the urinary bladder. It is located in front of the rectum and part of it can be felt during a rectal exam. The prostate can be stimulated by inserting a finger about 3 inches into your rectum and pressing toward the front of your body. You’ll feel a small, hard bulge (like a walnut). If you find it difficult to find your prostate with your own fingers, an insertable toy can come in handy. Insertable toys that feature a “G-spot” curve are also great for stimulating the prostate.

Keep your prostate happy with frequent ejaculations. Since the prostate’s main function is to hold the fluid the semen will travel in, regular ejaculations help maintain a healthy prostate by clearing out possible carcinogens. So, whatever sexual practices you find enjoyable, will do the trick. It’s the money shot that counts, so if a partner is not available, masturbation will work, too.

Following the rules for anal play when stimulating the prostate is very important!

  1. Start small, begin by exploring the buttocks and anus with your fingers and small toys.
  2. Lubrication. The anus, unlike the vagina is not capable of producing enough natural lubrication for any type of penetration. Make sure you have plenty of lubricant available and use liberally during the anal play session.
  3. Condoms. The anus is the passage that is used by the body for waste removal although feces are not stored in the anus until right before a bowel movement. There will be some fecal mater, even if you shower or anally douche. Covering the penis, fingers (with a glove) or toy with a condom allows for easier clean up. All items should be removed from the anus slowly so that the condom or glove does not slip off. Materials that can be sterilized easily such as glass or silicone make excellent anal toys.
  4. Keep anal toys for anal use only. During use do not switch from anal to vaginal use. This will keep the transfer of bacterial organisms down. Do not share toys without sterilizing them first.
  5. Anal play needs to go slow. All anal play needs to begin and continue with slow movements. There are two sphincter muscles that need to be in a relaxed state for any play to be pleasurable. When any object is initially inserted in to the anus the muscles will spasm. Allow your partner and the muscles to relax before continuing. The size or type of toy or body part will also need to be considered, anal beads or fingers will be easier to insert into the anus then a dildo, butt plug or a penis.
  6. Learn about your anal anatomy. The anus is a body part not easily visible and with all of the taboos associated with the anus, most of us do not really know what is going on down there! There are two sphincter muscles that need to relax for any play to happen, one works involuntary and is more difficult to relax, but with practice and an open mind it can be learned. The other you can control more readily. Be aware of any medical issues that can interfere with anal play. Hemorrhoids, for example can be irritated during anal play. Anal fissures and polyps can be irritated during anal play, all of which can allow bacteria to enter the body. The anal opening or rectum is not straight. The rectum tilts towards the front of the body and depending on the person, can tilt back again up to 90 degrees and then tilts forwards again. If you are interested in anal play learn how you are built internally so you can guide your partner. Explore yourself while masturbating, or while in the shower or tub.
  7. Anal sex in the movies skips steps! What you don’t see in the movies can hurt you! All safe anal play begins with a willing partner and much anal foreplay. This means massage with plenty of lubrication, starting small and entering the anus slowly.

These are general anal play guide lines for more information many of our books and DVDs includes sections on anal play, and remember you are not alone in finding anal play an exciting part of your sexual experience.