Celebrate Condom Week All Year Long

Pleasure is an essential part of life and self-care, but so is making sure that we are protecting both ourselves and our partners during play time. At our sex shop near Philadelphia, we’re passionate about ensuring you and your partner(s) not only experience the pleasure of a lifetime, but you’re doing it safely as well with different types of contraceptions and other barrier methods to help protect from STIs. Beyond traditional latex condoms, we carry dental dams, flavored condoms, finger condoms, and even lamb skin condoms. Take a look at our most popular condoms that you should have on you all year long.

Latex Condoms For More Than Penetrative Sex

Latex condoms are the reigning champions of the condom world, but they can do more than just help prevent pregnancies and STI transmissions directly between people with penises and/or vaginas. Latex condoms can be used for sharing toys between partners for both easier clean up or to also help prevent any STIs and other infections from being held in the toys themselves. You can use water, hybrid or silicone based lubricants on latex condoms, just make sure you avoid all oil-based lubes on condoms or they WILL break. One of our customers’ faves are Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations Lubricated Condoms. Also, you can cut a normal latex condom into a dental dam and use it for oral sex on a vulva or anus too!

Speaking of Dental Dams

Dental dams are sheets of latex that allow you to safely perform oral sex on your partner’s vulva or anus safely, but also doing so in a way that is still pleasurable and they taste good while you’re at it!

Pleasure At Your Fingertips

One of our newest arrivals has also been a highly requested item in our store – finger condoms! Finger condoms are actually intended for those who have cuts and wounds that need to be covered during any type of manual play including solo masturbation (although we would not recommend using for anal play at all and use caution during any vulva/vaginal play). They are one size fits most, but because they are also latex condoms, they stretch just like external latex condoms would. The Finger Condoms we sell also have silicone nubs on them for additional pleasure!

Naturalamb Condoms For Pregnancy Prevention

Although most condoms do prevent pregnancy and the transfer of STIs if used correctly, there is one type of condom that is only for pregnancy prevention and that would be the Naturalamb Condoms. Lambskin condoms are not vegan for obvious reason and although they can help prevent pregnancies, they are still porous enough for viruses and other bacteria to escape. These should only be used in situations where you and your partner are monogamous and you are getting tested regularly. Also, you can ONLY use water based lubricants with these condoms.

Let’s Use Help You Combine Safer Sex And Pleasure With Condoms!

Whether this is your first time using a condoms or you want to find the right protection for you, condoms can absolutely amplify pleasure while engaging in safer sex! Contact Fantasy Gifts, the best place to buy vibrators in the Philadelphia area. Our products make creative gift ideas for special occasions and just because. Shop and explore a whole new world of pleasure now!

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