Did you know that vulva/vagina owners have more than one way to orgasm? You have clitoral, vaginal, g-spot specific, anal, nipple, and so many more including through your cervix? Yup, that thing that babies and blood come out of – it can orgasm too! Some people may find that hard to find because there are so many more nerves surrounding the cervix that sometimes vagina owners can get dizzy or pass out from it being stimulated during a check up. However, those same nerves are the ones that can leave it’s owner breathless when stimulated correctly! First things first, you should probably get to know your cervix.

One of the coolest things about a cervix is that it can move! Similar to a penis or testicles and our clitoris, our cervix can move upward or forward when sexually aroused. When extremely relaxed, it can feel lower and can be accessed by a partner’s fingers or penis (if they have one). A cervix can also move during specific times of the owner’s menstrual cycle – this is the BEST time to try and get to know your cervix and how to stimulate it.

If you are trying to experience a cervical orgasm, make sure you are already aroused and you are very lubricated whether it be naturally or with your favorite lubricant. Also, even with it moving into a better position, it might be difficult for you to touch with your own fingers so using a toy is highly recommended. Just as you would take your time to explore anything, give yourself a chance to try different sensations! Some toys that might be helpful would be utilizing a thrusting toy and getting into position that allows for deeper penetration. If you need help, the position pillows should do the trick! Experts also suggest that you also stimulate your clitoris or other erogenous zones to help build up to and experience a full body orgasm!

The one thing to remember to tell yourself is to go slow and if you don’t like it – that’s okay too!

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