We’ve all been there.  It’s date night.  The babysitter’s been called, reservations have been made, your significant other has actually showered AND changed clothes.  But for whatever reason, you’re just not feeling it.  Maybe you’re tired from a long day of work, maybe you’re stressing about your kids, maybe you’re pre-menstrual, menstrual or post-menstrual (all perfectly valid excused BTW!).  But it’s a shame to waste all of those carefully laid plans.  So you go out, and end up not enjoying yourself at all.  Because bottom line, if you’re not feeling it, date night is not going to work, and may even end up worse then if you haven’t gone at all.

We’ve all heard the expression “foreplay begins at breakfast.”  And it’s true.  For women getting ready is more about showering and changing.  It’s about bringing your mind and body together for an arousing evening.  So here are some tips for you to do on the day of your date night to make sure all your stars are aligned for a truly romantic evening.

  1.  Plan Ahead.  Sure winging it can be fun and spontaneous, but we’d argue that the best date nights start with careful planning.  Have a reservation, arrange a babysitter, leave yourself plenty of time.  These things will all ensure that your date night is stress-free.
  2. Anticipate.  Nothing is sexier than anticipation.  Get you and your partner in the mood by a little harmless sexting.  Tell him what you are going to wear (and what you are not going to wear later!).
  3. Eat lunch.  If you are going out for dinner, be sure to eat a lite lunch first.  Nothing is less sexy than a bloated, gassy belly.  If you skip lunch, you’ll be more likely to overindulge at dinner.  Enjoy your dinner, even have dessert, but don’t go too hungry and pig out!
  4. Feel pretty.  If you’re not feeling it, you’re not looking it.  So put on your most confident outfit and touch up hair and make-up before you go out.
  5. Have a cocktail.  Nothing is more relaxing than a cocktail (or two!).  You don’t need to get tipsy, but there’s nothing wrong with a drink at dinner.
  6. Rely on the old standards.  Music, candles, lingerie.  All of this works for a reason.
  7. Introduce something new.  Have you ever tried a pair of vibrating panties?  I guarantee that if you surprise your guy with a remote control at dinner, you probably won’t make it to dessert!  Dropping a little romantic suggestion at dinner will guarantee a happy ending for you both!

* This blog was updated on September 6, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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