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As I continue working with Fantasy Gifts NJ and new innovative toys begin springing out of companies, I’m consistently finding replacement favorites for my current favorite toys here and there.  But I found one to replace ALL of my clitoral stimulant toys in my drawer. It takes two to tango, they say – but in my recent experience, I only need the Tango from We Vibe. 

Before I take you on this magical journey of discovery, I want to give you a glimpse into the life of a sales associate in an adult toy store: I had to move two, yes TWO plastic tubs filled with different toys into a storage unit because I was running out of space in my humble abode.  I do end up tossing some because of age/damage or because I dislike them that much, but some I keep around in case I change my mind.  I’ve had a handful of clit vibes in a drawer because they do vary in sensation, but now they’re just hanging around in case my Tango dies.

This particular toy is more than just the Tango from We Vibe – this is part of the 10-year anniversary collection they put out in 2018.  I fell in LOVE once I saw it on social media and my inner 90’s child couldn’t have been happier with the color scheme they chose.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw the purple Tango sitting next to the iridescent purple Sync (that’ll be part 2 of this blog) – it was like I saw a unicorn.  I put that toy on hold since December of last year and I finally was able to bring him home in May and we haven’t separated since.  I’ve had wonderful short orgasms that I could reproduce repeatedly in one sitting and I’ve also experienced intense, full body orgasms that would put me to sleep right after using the Tango. I’ll admit, I’ve always been cautious about it as it is made of hard ABS thermoplastic, but it is probably the most powerful bullet I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

First and foremost, this is not a Bluetooth compatible toy (and honestly there’s no reason for it, so if the extra technology bothers you like it does me, this is a better product for you within the We Vibe line).  Normally it comes as pink or blue, but as I’ve previously mentioned, this collection offers a purple color. The Tango is waterproof with its USB rechargeable capabilities and it’s got a 2-hour run time with a 90-minute recharge.  It’s perfect with its one button control AND it remembers what setting that was last used. There are 8 vibe modes – 4 steady and 4 patterns (this does NOT include the low power indicator, but it DOES have one).  This guy has RUMBLY vibes, which means it goes deep down and hits your entire clit rather than just buzzes over the external portion of your clit.  It comes with a 1-year warranty (and I have to say I’ve not had any return issues with the Tango in my two years at the store) and for those of you who prefer eco-friendly products – the Tango is carbon neutral, comes with a recyclable package, and as previously mentioned is rechargeable so it saves the need for batteries!  This is primarily an external use toy, but overall could be used in solo play or in any hetero or queer relationships (Lance actually likes this as foreplay for him).  There are a few extra benefits to purchasing the anniversary collection versus the Tango on it’s own:  first, it comes with the Sync – so yes, it will be more expensive BUT when you do the math, you actually SAVE about 50 or 60 bucks than if you buy these toys separately.  Also, it comes with an AWESOME travel and charging case rather than the normal magnetic cord (I wish ALL toys charged like this honestly).

This is absolutely a toy I would recommend to any and all people, single, couples, queer or straight, because you can use it form more than just a clitoral vibe.  And it’s an investment on it’s own, not to even mention together, but if you’re looking for a GREAT quality toy that you can trust and that would be worth paying a bit more, the Tango is the way to go.

Next blog I’ll be covering the 2ndpart of this dynamic duo – the We Vibe Sync!

Stay Sexual!

* This blog has been updated on September 9, 2022 to remove or update broken links. Although the We-Vibe Tango has been discontinued, We-Vibe has actually given it a facelift and made the Tango X which is extremely similar (it just has a new silicone handle), so you can use this blog to provide you with an insight into the product!

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