Lady Genevieve Reviews A Sucking Good Time

Lady Genevieve
Zero Tolerance A Sucking Good Time

It was only a matter of time before I finally got to review a version of the ‘Male Rose‘ (aka the Gawk Gawk 3000, aka whatever manufacturers like to call it) and now that there’s 3 versions of them, I had to choose wisely. Sure, I could have made a ‘safe’ choice and picked the original but honestly who hasn’t written about it or reviewed it? The newest version could have been a good choice, but I felt it was WAY too similar to the original just with thrusting action. So, in poetic fashion, I chose the toy that is probably less traveled across because it doesn’t turn or trust, it just sucks (literally) – Zero Tolerance’s A Sucking Good Time. I did want to acknowledge that I did choose to go withe the Zero Tolerance/Evolved brand than the others because it’s a brand we totally trust as far as quality AND they always have amazing customer service. Similar to the ‘rose’ it likely is the same, Evolved claims they will even take a toy if your dog chewed them up so that’s why we love them so much. Here’s what the penis-owner had to say about his experience with A Sucking Good Time.

King Big Cream’s Feedback

Normally he starts rattling off his feed back but this time I had to ask about A Sucking Good Time. He stated it was too tight circumference wise and even with lube it was still a tight fit. Also, he said he was bottoming out so he couldn’t get a deeper stroke that he prefers. Some good things he did mention was that the buttons were easy to use and understand and the suction was great! He was able to use the buttons to get it at the suction level he liked and it stayed there and was a quick and easy release when he was done. Overall it was easy to use and he would possibly use again if it’s within reach, but believes this would be best for someone who was to focus on glans (tip of the head) massages only. I was kind of surprised by the tightness because I figured with the material it was stretchy, but now that I think about it, the vibrating bullets probably make it tighter. As far as his recommendation as a glans massagers – definitely makes sense.

Full disclosure: On Cream’s off days, I put him to work reviewing. I laid out A Sucking Good Time and said “enjoy” while I had to run to work. I know sometimes these can feel like chores because they have to get done and I think this was one of those times. Similar to people’s preferences on toys make a difference in pleasure – the same goes with timing and context. Please keep this in mind while processing his feedback because although he may have not loved everything about it doesn’t mean you will (or vice versa).

Again, since this is 1 of the various versions of the ‘male rose’, you may have a lot more to consider when making a purchase. The least I can do is tell you how this stationary one works to help make that decision.

Stay Sexual!

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