Lady Genevieve Reviews FemmeFunn ffix XL Bullet

Lady Genevieve
femmefunn ffix bullet xl
FemmeFunn ffix XL Bullet

Never in a million years did I think I’d be sitting in front of my boss asking (almost begging) to review a battery operated toy. Yes, admittedly I usually stick my nose up to them because historically they have not been super powerful and kinda… cheapy. However, when we first got introduced to the FemmeFunn ffix line – we were completely enamored by not only their looks, but by the strength of the vibrations despite being a battery operated toy. I partially wasn’t sold on using it for myself until hearing more and more people rave about them when coming back into the store and the customers suggesting them to each other or friends. Honestly, it’s sometimes all of YOUR purchases that make me ask ‘why’. Which also, trying to decide WHICH one to pick was nearly impossible because ALL of them were so popular. Logic told me to go with as basic as possible because it can do the most in the end, so I decided to review the FemmeFunn ffix XL Bullet.

What Was and Wasn’t Expected?

FemmeFunn ffix Bullet XL
FemmeFunn ffix XL Bullet

As I mentioned, it was a hell of a lot more powerful than some similar vibrators out on the market, especially those looking for inexpensive products or starting off with their first toy. And of course, the batteries. 4 AAA are required for this bad boy to be turned on (SEX PUN ALERT), and they’re not included so you’ll either need to purchase them with the bullet or if you know you have them at home, you should be good to go. Also, it does have the usual 3 speeds and 7 morse code patterns that NO ONE uses, but I digress. What I didn’t expect when we first got introduced to the ffix line was how soft the end of the XL Bullet was – I was expecting it to be harder like it’s handle. Because of it’s squishiness, it’s definitely great for not only a beginner, but someone who wants to explore in more ways than just using externally (even tho FemmeFunn says use with caution if using internally). The other thing I didn’t expect was that it is technically waterproof! However, I am still very cautious about batteries and water for the pure sake that we are humans which means we make human mistakes. For example, if you don’t have the silicone ring (you’ll see it when you open up where the batteries are) is not laying a certain way, it make the toy not waterproof anymore. Also, you still need to dry everything down and take out the batteries after every use REGARDLESS of it’s waterproof status to avoid any potential issues with batteries corroding and ruining your toy.

To answer your questions, yes, it did have a combination of both buzzy and deep vibes when using it and I did eventually reach climax, and yes, I would still prefer using my usuals. BUT, I didn’t hate playing with something that surprised me in it’s strength for what it ran on. The whole ffix line in general is great for beginners with a wand and a rabbit or for someone who may be on a budget! It is still pretty geared towards vulva/vagina owners or more femme individuals (and not just because of the name), but theres nothing wrong with using it on your partner either. I’d say customers were right to recommend anything from the FemmeFunn ffix line and as if we didn’t already endorse it (sure, blindly), no we have our reasons!

Stay Sexual!

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