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Lady Genevieve

This is probably one of the first, possibly second, review that I will give the results ahead of time – it didn’t work for me. So why continue to write a review on this? Because it is still important for everyone to know what this product is, how it is (supposed) to work, and who could still benefit from purchasing it. This product in particular? The Whipsmart Bounce Squatter Sex Stool. I first saw this product at the XGEN Trade Show and I fell IN LOVE. I’ve always wanted a piece of sex furniture and figured this was discreet enough to hide in plain sight or store away if needed. I mean, I definitely DON’T have Megan knees so I figured this would help with my stamina (or lack there of) when on top! Welp, I was wrong.

whipsmart bounce squatter sex stool
Whipsmart Bounce Squatter Sex Stool

What Went Right

One of my favorite things about the Sex Stool is that it can hold up to 300 pounds. The ‘average’ American woman is actually more on the ‘plus size’ side (or ya know, perfectly fine) so for those of us who are worried about weight limits or not wasting their money, this is a VERY sturdy product (I’m about 270 for those curious). And it absolutely did hold me up and I did NOT have the feeling it was going to break on me. I bounced and bounced and bounced like a child on a yoga ball with a handle! Also, it’s been in my room hold my bag like a hotel luggage holder and my daughter has not once asked what it was – she thinks it’s just furniture and doesn’t care to know what it is or wear it came from. But, that’s about all I got with what went right.

What Went Wrong

So, it started at the very beginning, before I even put the Sex Stool together. Actually, it started at the instructions. Although it boasts an easy assembly (and there was only like… 4 steps total?), they weren’t very clear. At the very first step, they don’t tell you until you finish the first sentence that should should take off the sponge-y handle thing before you put on the elastic straps. FRIENDLY REMINDER: don’t me like me – read ALL of the directions first before you begin. Also, you can’t tell what side of the straps is up and which is down. I think mine are both upside down (thanks to Cream taking them BOTH off before building it). I will say – it still works so maybe it doesn’t matter?? Who knows. Also, it was not as simple to put the seat part back together. Sure, it’s sturdy and made of iron. But also we had to step on it and pull it and do all the strong person things you need to do to get them in place. Yea, if you need to take it apart to hide it – good luck.

Whipsmart Bounce Squatter Sex Stool

I would have dealt with the ‘easy assembly’ mishap, but once we got the Sex Stool together, we realize that Big Cream (ya know, Big isn’t just his name for shits and giggles) isn’t going to fit under the Sex Stool at his waist. I tried to get him to sit on it for scientific purposes (he’s over 300 and I wanted to see if it was enough to hold someone at his weight to open up that range) – he refused. Then I said, what about your face? There’s a thing called a Queening Chair in which you put someone in a box or under a specific chair intended for oral sex. Technically, it could work! But, despite me dipping down a lot, he still needed to add pillows under his head to even get close to reaching me. We kind of got disappointed at this point because realistically we would need to use it outside of our bedroom (thanks big ass bed) and not that we can’t have sex anywhere in our own house, we just prefer to be comfy in our bedroom space (the floor is fine, we just like keeping it in our bedroom for the most part). Basically for us, this was a dud.

Why Should I Still Buy?

Why? Because not everyone is in the same situation we are in! Sure, we’re bigger people and again, that’s perfectly fine, but if you want your hips to be under the seat, yea… you’ll probably need to be slimmer. Also, this product is something someone with disabilities can use to assist them in sex! Regardless of the issues, the quality is great and, honestly, all the Whipsmart products are very good (hence us selling most of their collection) and me standing by this product despite it not working (for me). Because that’s the point of reviews: to recognize what works and what doesn’t and who might be able to truly benefit from these products and others that some (or all) may want to avoid. I hope this helps if you were on the fence about buying a sex stoll for yourself because I would still say consider buying it if you can look past the assembly issue.

Stay Sexual!

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