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Lady Genevieve

Tech companies are ALWAYS looking for the next cool or advanced thing and sex toy companies are no exception. Womanizer, an already very well known and popular brand for their innovative ‘pleasure air’ technology (seriously, if anyone else uses that term or something, they can get sued) has moved onto their NEXT innovation … do you see where I am going with this? Yup, Lady Genevieve got herself the new Womanizer Next (in the beautiful Sage color) and good thing it was received from a training on the product itself because WHEW! So many button options and clicks and tricks and it was definitely necessary to watch it before using.

womanizer next
Womanizer Next in Sage

What is 3D Pleasure Air?

That’s the exact question I had.. how can air be 3D? Or is it already and if so, what makes this different? I did NOT expect to go into some philosophical questioning of AIR when I heard of the Womanizer coming out with their Next. Womanizer describes it as “Improved contactless clitoral air massage plus depth control creates 3D Pleasure Air, intensifying the orgasmic journey. Our groundbreaking Pleasure Air technology hits new heights with more customizable and powerful air wave stimulation than ever before.” So… basically it allows for a deeper feeling of the pleasure air through your body rather than it being more of a surface level sensation. This – I can confirm. I was very *pleasantly* surprised by the stronger sensation that the Climax Control button gives. What is Climax Control you ask? It is the 3 hump/hilly button that controls the 3D Pleasure Air allowing you to create your own personalized sensations. Alright, breaking it down easier, the + and – signs/buttons increase and decrease the pleasure air intensity while the Climax Control button can make those pleasure air pulses deeper.

Some other new things with the Womanizer Next: it also has an Afterglow button – unlike the Premium – which you have to hold the + button for one whole second to get it started. The Afterglow is not a new feature, but is only found on 1 or 2 other Womanizer products. And there is Autopilot – similar to the Premium – that is now on the back end of the Womanizer vs. the top like other buttons traditionally. The Womanizer Next has just about every feature you can think of that is on other Womanizer products.

Is This What Earthquakes Feel Like?

I was just about blown away (pun intended) by the Womanizer Next and their Climax Control. I am someone who needs strong vibrations, and I have grown especially fond of deep vibrations (compared to buzzy) with bullets and wands. Getting the same sensations from an air pulse toy has finally become possible with the Womanizer Next and once again I found something to keep in my side drawer for regular use…. and have a finally replaced my Womanizer Premium?! (honestly… probably yes). Did I orgasm? Yes. Was it super quick? Yea. Did I see some higher power being? Pretty sure I fucking did. That may have been the quickest and possible most uninteresting description of one of the best orgasms I’ve had in a while but that was a such an euphoric orgasm and I wouldn’t do it any justice to try and explain the sensations I had in my nether regions.

Now.. is the Womanizer Next worth it? This is one product that absolutely depends on so many factors. First off, it is a more expensive purchase and not everyone loves that air pulse sensation (it might be too light for them regardless of the new Climax Control) so why spend that money on something you don’t like just because it’s new or ‘innovative’? Also, I wouldn’t necessarily say anyone is missing out if they don’t have a Womanizer with all those high-tech features. I certainly don’t use them all and there are ones I don’t use with my Womanizer Premium. Also, sometimes you just need a simple on and off button you definitely won’t get that from any Womanizer, but especially the Womanizer Next. As much as I already love it, it is one you will need to think over before investing.

Stay Sexual!

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