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Lady Genevieve

I couldn’t call myself a true sex toy blogger and reviewer if I didn’t get an updated Anal August blog published so OF COURSE this is the topic for this blog. I wanted to approach this in 2 ways – the first being an inexpensive non-vibrating, not techy product and then look at the top-of-the-line super techy product to see what the difference is between each product (aside from what I just mentioned).

Avant Kaledio Anal Plug

Avant Kaleido Anal Plug
Avant Kaledio Anal Plug

Blush is a great company that has a wide range of products for penis, vulva, and anus owners (and they have some BDSM products too!). The range also goes from beginner to more advanced and all are within a good price range – it’s a getting what you paid for situation but also I think everything is priced accordingly to the product quality. Trust me when I say the stuff is good even when it’s not that great BECAUSE it’s intended for beginners. The Avant Kaledio Anal Plug is one of their products that I could say is for ANYONE and I MEAN IT. It’s super inexpensive because it’s a simple, non-vibrating plug BUT made of silicone which is the cream of the crop of materials. Because of this, you can actually sanitize this product by boiling it or throwing it in your dishwasher on the sanitizer setting. The other wonderful thing about this product is that it has a thiner (but still longer) anchor and is super flexible which is perfect for all day use!

I know you’re curious about what’s like while having sex or masturbating so lemme tell you…. you can barely tell that thing was in there (for him) and it felt amazing (for me)! You see, I don’t care too much for vibrating plugs, I just like having that feeling of fullness when using them (or if it’s anal sex related, again I don’t love it cause of the thrusting – I’m a just stick a finger in there kinda person). So the Avant Kaledio (for me), was more than enough to enhance our horizontal tango without need to do anything more than me wearing an inconspicuous butt plug. Removal and cleaning was also easy peasy and for sure has found it’s place in my bedside table.

Lovense Hush 2 1-inch Plug

Lovense Hush 2 Butt Plug
Lovense Hush 2 1-inch Plug

Alright so moving on to the ‘cream of the crop’ of butt plugs, this one took me a hell of a time getting used to and I don’t mean for wearing. This one is super high-tech.. I mean comes with 4 apps (at least), has a desktop login that cam performers can use AND if VR, interactive gaming AND now ChatGPT compatible. Whew. I always play with the apps and features before using so let’s review. The remote app, called Lovense Remote, is actually pretty simple to use. If you’ve ever used the Satisfyer or We-Vibe app compatible toys, they work pretty much the same but just look different. Then there’s Tophy which is used to connect with strangers to chat, date, or just have someone connect to your toy and use on you (that’s one way to do a one-night stand). The next app is the Lovense Connect which cam performers can use to connect to customers or use but you also need the PC app connected as well. And finally is Vibemate which is another app that also connects to media (such as porn sites and VR and gaming sites) as well as your favorite cam performers to feel what they’re feeling. Not going to lie, since I’m not interested in having a stranger play with my toy nor to I cam or subscribe to cammers, I didn’t give Tophy or Lovense Connect a try, but I did try Vibemate for the gaming.

Working on the Vibemate app is not as easy as it looks. In order to work with VR games or other interactive gaming, you need to have an account with Steam or Patreon. I choose to create an account with Steam because it has free games (and I’m pretty sure you have to pay to access Patreon). Also, although Lovense seems to suggest that all the games are accessible through the phone, I’ve had no luck finding the ones on their website through Stream directly. In fact, when I did finally figure it out, I realized they were all still through Patreon AND YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM. Okay, that’s fine but you just spend 100+ on a toy with all these capabilities and you still have to pay more to access the fun ones? Kinda rude if you ask me. Listen, if you can’t tell buy this whole jumble of a paragraph, I could write several blogs on each app alone. So let’s leave it as this: unless you are into super techy stuff and absolutely want and are dedicated to all the features or are trying to make money off of camming, this is certainly for you. If not, but you still want a reliable app to use in public or long distance – all you’ll need is the free Remote download and you’ll be fine, we’ll be fine, everything will be OKAY.

The real fun stuff began when I got King Big Cream to download the app for his phone. Actually it began when we kept showing me how he was going to launch it into my butthole (but I promise it was filled with laughter). When we (meaning me cause I was not about to fuck around and find out with this plug) put the plug in, Cream when to work messing with the remote. Sure, it had strong vibrations, but I dislike vibrations with plugs – I just like the feeling of fullness. Also, between not wanting to pay for additional services, not having a Spotify premium account, and not having a toy I could control and use on him, there’s honestly not much you can do with this plug. Not to mention, you can have a similar product from We-Vibe or Satsifyer, and you can do the same stuff without putting out more money to access those features. And for some reason the alarm clock (?!?!?!?!?) wouldn’t work? So unless you’re wiping your dogs butt with 100 dollar bills, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product for someone who is on a budget. I expected the world from Lovense and you’re only really given it if you can afford to expand on the features.

Lovense is made for very specific people and I’m not just talking about sexuality or gender. I would buy the Avant Kaledio multiple times over the Hush 2 just from personal preference in performance. This is where I make the point that high tech or more expensive isn’t always the best option and everyone has a different option to consider when buying toys!

Stay Sexual!

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