Vibrating Anal Toys

  • Avant Free Spirit Anal Plug

    • Manufacturer: Blush Novelties
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Insertable Length: 3.5 inches
    • Color: Multi
    • Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Skins Rose Buddies Bums N Roses

    • Manufacturer: Creative Conceptions
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Color: Black
    • Powered by: USB Rechargeable

  • Booty Call® Booty Flexer

    • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Size: 5.75" x 1" / 14.5cm x 2.5cm (Probe)
    • Powered by: 2 AAA Batteries, not included
    • Color: Black
    • Features & Functions: Waterproof, 3 speeds
    • Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

  • Booty Sparks Fuck Me Plug

    • Manufacturer: XR Brands
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Size: Overall length: 4.7 inches, Insertable length: 3.8 inches, Diameter at widest point 1.3 inches (small); 5.1 inches, Insertable length: 4.2 inches, Diameter at widest point 1.5 inches (medium); Overall length: 5.4 inches, Insertable length: 4.6 inches, Diameter at widest point 1.8 inches (large)
    • Insertable Length: 3.82" (small); 4.02" (medium); 4.61" (large)
    • Color: Black with red words
    • Powered by: USB Rechargeable
    • Features: lights up, multi speed, multi function, remote controlled

  • Gender X Beaded Pleasure Probe

    • Manufacturer: Evolved Novelties
    • Materials: Silicone and ABS Plastic
    • Powered by: USB Rechargeable plug, remote uses1 CR2032 battery
    •              Toy       Remote Height:  4.5”        2.77” Depth: 2.98”         .64” Width: 1.21”         .98”
    • 3.75” insertable length
    • Color: Blue

  • Gender X Mad Tapper

    • Manufacturer: Evolved Novelties
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Powered by: USB Rechargeable
    • Insertable length 4.5", Insertable diameter 1.33"
    • Color: Black

  • Gender X True Blue

    • Manufacturer: Evolved Novelties
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Powered by: USB Rechargeable
    • Insertable Length: 4.16"
    • Color: Blue

  • Gender X Ring Pop Vibrating Anal Plug

    • Manufacturer: Evolved Novelties
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Color: Purple
    • Height: 6”, Depth: 1.96”, Width: 1.96”
    • 3.5” insertable length, 1.4” diameter
    • Powered by: USB Rechargeable, Magnetic Plug included

  • Lovense Hush 2 1.5" Butt Plug

    • Manufacturer: Lovense
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Features & Functions: Waterproof, App Capable, Bluetooth Compatible, USB Rechargeable, Hands free
    • Color: Black

  • Lovense Hush 2 1" Butt Plug

    • Manufacturer: Lovense
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Features & Functions: Waterproof, App Capable, Bluetooth Compatible, USB Rechargeable, Hands free
    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions: Length - 4.76 inches. Insertable Length - 3.80 inches. Width - 1 inches. Base Length - 3.15 inches. Neck Width - .75 inch.

  • Svakom Vick Neo Prostate Massager

    • Manufacturer: Svakom
    • Materials: Silicone
    • Color: Black
    • Features & Functions: USB Rechargeable, Bluetooth Wireless, Water Resistant

  • Nu Sensuelle Fino Plug

    • Manufacturer: Nu Sensuelle
    • Materials:  Silicone
    • Powered by: USB Rechargeable, waterproof
    • Color: Navy Blue
    • Features & Functions: 4 speeds + 11 motions
    • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Best Vibrating Anal Sex Toys

The Best Vibrating Anal Toys

Whether you're new to anal or not, pleasure can always be enhanced by adding vibration. That's why we're proud to offer a line of vibrating anal toys that are sure to increase your pleasure and fun. At Fantasy Gifts, we offer high-quality anal toys in NJ that and sex toys that are sure to become your favorite. Here's what you need to know about our vibrating anal toys.

Our Vibrating Anal Sex Toys are Great for Beginners and Veterans

Those who have never tried anal before, let alone used wearable butt plugs, may be wary of trying something like vibrating anal toys. Yet vibration could be exactly what they need to get into anal.

As most users will agree, vibration can easily increase your pleasure. Those who want to experience anal for the first time might find that using vibrating anal sex toys is exactly the kind of starting point they need.

Vibrating Anal Toys for Beginners & Experts

Besides the vibration, we also carry certain designs that are better suited for beginners. They're slimmer and smaller in shape. Some grow in size the deeper you take the toy. This allows you to train yourself and become comfortable with anal at your own leisure.

Those who have been doing anal for some time will also find vibrating anal toys to be exciting. It can be the next step in their anal play to bring yet a further pleasure to themselves. The various shapes and designs of our vibrating anal sex toys can also challenge them and help them find new ways of experiencing anal pleasure.

Some of Our Toys do the Work for You

For beginners, it can be difficult to get the thrusting motion down when you're still trying to keep the toy inside of you. We have a solution for that. Some of our affordable anal toys also double with a thrusting motion. While it vibrates you, the toy also thrusts in and out of your anal cavity for you.

It does all of the work while you can just lay there and enjoy this whole new world of pleasure. Veterans may enjoy these special toys as well. They can turn the thrusting motion as high as they want and revel in the intense pleasure that it invokes.

We Have Vibrating Anal Toys for Men

While some of the toys are more designed for women, we also carry toys for men. Some of them are shaped in just the right way to add stimulation to your prostate. You haven't experienced true pleasure until your p-spot has been toyed with. Enjoy our vibrating p-spot massagers and have an explosive orgasm.

Our Toys are High-Quality

When you shop at our store, you can expect our toys to be the best because they have the following attributes:

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Various designs
  • Various sizes
  • Affordable
  • Fun

Try Our Best Anal Toys Today

If you're ready to expand your pleasure, then take a look at our affordable anal toys today.

Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level with Vibrating Anal Toys

Learn about our anal toys and how vibrating anal sex toys can help spice up your bedroom experience.

Benefits of Anal Toys

As surprising as it may seem, adding vibrating anal toys into the mix while you’re in action can enhance your pleasure. What vibrating anal sex toy is right for you or your partner? Check out our product line and try one today!

What Kinds of Vibrating Anal Toys Do We Carry?

There are various types of vibrating anal toys that we can provide you through our online store. The best and recommended ones are indicated below:

  • Vibrating Prostate Massagers: These are meant to increase arousal and produce powerful orgasms in males. These vibrating anal toys may be worn without using the vibrators.
  • Vibrating Butt Plugs: Both partners can use this. They are tapered toward the end for ease of wearing and removal. These are the best ones for beginners.
  • Vibrating Anal Beads: For the more adventurous ones, you may try these vibrating anal toys and enjoy the different sensations when you attempt to change positions.
  • & More: Other vibrating anal sex toys in our online store are anal training sets, probes, and charmed plugs. They also come in vibrating models and those that can be heated or chilled to provide a more diverse experience.

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Want to know more? We’ll be more than glad to satisfy your curiosity about the best vibrating anal toys available online.