Temperature Play

Temperature play has found its way into mainstream sexual activities, however they have been a long part of the BDSM community. Temperature play is a type of sensation play and it’s name makes it pretty obvious as to what it involves – using hot or cold objects (such as ice or the warmth of your breath) to stimulate a particular part of a body. However, you do not need to be heavily involved in the BDSM community to enjoy this type of play or to explore new arousal options.

How does it work?

Temperature play is both a physically exciting and has a psychological thriller factor to it. The cold can increase sensitivity and causes the muscles to tighten up while hot stimulation can relax those same muscles and increase blood flow. Switching back and forth from hot to cold will keep your senses on high alert and can feel like an absolute rush when blindfolded. Things to also keep in mind that similar to any type of kink or BDSM activities, make sure you communicate your boundaries and preferences before hand and have a safe word on stand-by. Also, avoid using extreme temperatures and test out the products on yourself before using on your partner. If you start feeling the sensation of pins and needles, stop immediately. And of course, be careful with any open flames.

Some ideas to engage in temperature play that doesn’t involve leaving the house can include:

  • Warming up or freezing a wet towel to place on parts of your partner
  • Using ice cubes or drinking cold water and then engaging in oral sex
  • Grab that massage candle you only use for the smell and put it to actual use!
  • Grab a metal spoon for hot or cold play and lightly drag it across your partners body
  • Lick ice cream off their chest (so long as you don’t mind being sticky afterwards)

Products for Play

Here are some products you can use to either stimulate temperature play (i.e. warming/cooling lubes) and other products you can experiment with:

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