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A babymoon can seem completely contradictory.  On the one hand, it’s your last chance for you and your partner to truly be alone before the baby comes.  On the other hand, depending on your pregnancy, you may feel like you’re at your least sexiest.  We encourage you to embrace the former!  No matter what trimester you’re in, you are sexy and desirable.  Ensure your babymoon’s success by following these simple tips.

Timing isn’t everything.  You may feel awful during your first trimester or frisky, huge in your second trimester or unbelievably sexy (hello big boobs!).  You might not be free to travel until your third trimester and have to stick close to home.  The point is, you can plan your pregnancy but can’t necessarily plan how you’re going to feel.  So pay attention to your body’s changes and go when it suits you!  Just heed your doctor’s advice and don’t fly during your third trimester.

Travel Safe.  We know you are well-versed on Zika by now but take other factors into consideration.  How close are you to the nearest hospital?  Are you going to be engaging in any potentially risky behavior (hiking for example)?  Make sure you include your doctor in our travel plans and bring your insurance card and pertinent medical records with you should anything go wrong.  The location isn’t really all that important to be honest.  Whether you travel far or plan a staycation, the point of the babymoon is to enjoy time alone with your partner while you still can!

Be comfortable.  Whether you are traveling domestically or overseas, make sure you you travel smartly.  If flying, bring plenty of snacks and water and walk the aisles often to encourage circulation.  If driving, also bring snacks and water and make plenty of pit stops to empty your bladder and relieve tired muscles.  And even though it can be uncomfortable, always wear your safety belt!  

Feel Sexy.  Whether you believe this or not, you are still a desirable person.  Even if your boobs are swollen, your varicose veins are popping and you haven’t seen your ankles in months.  Sexy isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you feel.  And you should feel amazing!  You are growing a person in there!  Your hormones are raging, take advantage of it!  Put on whatever you feel comfortable and pretty in, put on your best smile, treat yourself to a blow-out and trust us, your partner will find you sexy!


* This blog was updated on September 6, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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