Clitoral Stimulators For Women Who Need Some Help

Top Clitoral Stimulants for the Woman Who Needs a Little Help

Orgasms are natural, but so many women today struggle to reach climax during intimacy. The reasons why are many, and can include high stress levels, inhibition, distractions, or simply not knowing how. Seeking a little help from something like a rose toy or a miniature vibrator can make orgasms more achievable for women, consequently making sex more enjoyable for both partners. 

Using a clitoral stimulator is healthy, and the National Institute of Health believes they can lead you to even better orgasms than you’d have otherwise! Here’s a look at the top clitoral stimulants that can help increase the frequency (and intensity) of your orgasms. 

Pumped Clitoral and Nipple Pump

The clitoral and nipple pump by Bloom is a flexible toy used to stimulate the clitoris, vulva, or nipples. Simply apply the silicone cups to your desired area, then squeeze the pump to draw out air and create suction. The pump can be used by itself or with a partner.

Inmi Shegasm Mini Clitoral Stimulator

The Inmi Shegasm mini clitoral stimulator is a discreet toy that’s simple, yet powerful. It’s easily applied to the clitoris and uses suction to stimulate along with three speeds and four different patterns. The stimulator features an ergonomic design for ease of application and use, and a finger strap on the back to help keep it in place as things intensify.

Dual Clit Flicker

The dual clit flicker is both a cock ring and a clitoral stimulator that’s intended for use by both partners. He gets an additional boost to his erection, while she gets heightened pleasure. It features a removable vibrating bullet to add a new dimension to the experience but can be removed if the vibrations are too intense.

Blush Limited Addiction Entangle

The Blush Limited Edition Entangle is a multi-use bullet vibrator with a lipstick tip that’s perfect for clitoral stimulation. The vibe features 10 vibration modes, five speeds, and five unique patterns. Its shape is gentle and easy for beginners to use. It’s rated IPX7 submersible and waterproof, letting the user add a bit of fun to the shower or bath.

Womanizer Wave

The Womanizer Wave is a shower head attachment that turns your shower into a wonderland. Simply connect the wand to a shower hose and enjoy the stimulation delivered by water pressure. It features an ergonomic design that aligns with your body’s curves, using three water jets controlled through an intensity slider and a select button. It also conserves water and can be used as a regular shower head when not in use for other purposes.

We Vibe Touch X

We Vibe put a lot of thought into the design of their Touch X. Its functions range from a clitoral stimulator to an all-over body massager and it is 100% waterproof for water play. The ergonomic design fits nicely into the hand and touch-sensitive controls let you change the vibration pattern with ease. It features eight different vibration modes that meet the user’s needs at a given moment.

Evolved Frisky Finger Vibrator

The Frisky Finger Vibrator by Evolved features a head design that can be applied in a number of ways. Use the flat, broad head to cover more area, or angle the tip to hit those special places. The vibrator’s shape follows the curve of the finger for precision use, and a finger loop at the base helps with controlling its use.

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