World Continence Week

Continence Week

Incontinence is defined as loss of bladder control and can range from a small leak from a sneeze or losing total control of your bladder once you realize you have to go. It is often associated with aging and giving birth causing a stigma to be formed around the diagnosis. However it can affect people of all ages and genders and for many reasons ranging from daily habits to persistent and chronic issues and illnesses. Because of the connection incontinence has to our physical health and sexual wellness, and it should be covered by the adult toy industry with seriousness and true care. World Continence Week, which falls on the 3rd week of June, has been created to not only break the stigma, but to bring awareness that it can be treated and your pelvic floor can be strengthened.

Causes and Treatments

Causes can be as simple as daily habits like ingesting caffeine, alcohol, chocolate or even citrus-y fruits while others causes can be from temporary but treatable medical conditions like constipation or a urinary tract infection – this is why it is important to pee after sex. The more serious causes are from things such as vagina child birth, menopause, prostate cancer, and even neurological disorders. First and foremost, when experiencing any type of incontinence, you should speak with your doctor. More recently, people have been flocking to social media to search, self-diagnose, and treat themselves. This can be helpful in making more people aware of and give a point of reference to the issues being experienced, however, this can become dangerous if incorrect in diagnosing or using the wrong treatments. Yes, you know your body well enough to know if something is wrong, but seeing a doctor or a specialist can help guide you through the necessary tests and treatments.

Treatments can be as simple as removing certain foods, losing weight, taking prescribed medications and practice daily pelvic floor exercises. For the more serious causes, it may mean seeking out a physical therapist to give you a specialized course of treatment plan.

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Lift Those Weights!

Incontinence is a not always preventable, but you can utilize exercises to decrease your risk of developing this issue. For individuals with vaginas, there are tools available to help in strengthening those mussels which can also increase sexual pleasure down the line! Kegel balls are the most well known and probably easiest products to get you started on muscle strengthening journey. With a little bit of water-based lube, you can insert these weighted balls and squeeze your way to increase strength! For individuals with vaginismus, continence is also taken into consideration and treatments can include the use of dilators to help with pain and muscle relaxation. If you want to avoid having to constantly clean up, there is also a sheet available was created for the purpose of squirting – and no one will question you about it! Treatment and strengthening can take some time so don’t get too frustrated with yourself at first – even the strongest bladders can’t help it sometimes.

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