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Just like exercising, masturbation is an excellent way of releasing endorphins, which leads to relaxation of the body. Masturbation relaxes your body, but it also relieves stress, improves your sleep, and reduces excess sexual energy. Research has proven that masturbation has more health benefits compared to its disadvantages. There are different ways to ensure your solo play is steamy, fun, and satisfactory for men. They include

1. Set the mood

We all have different ways to set a sexual mood. Instead of having a bathroom quickie, you can take time and prepare your solo session. First, relax as you watch your favorite sex video. You can town off the lights or maintain them at dim lights. As the mood gains tempo, you can start teasing yourself to get turned on.

2. Switch positions

Maintaining one position may be tiresome and boring. Changing your routine may cause a different sensation and consequently increase your satisfaction. If you are always standing, switch, and play while seated. This will enable you to explore different levels of pleasure and intensity.

3. Take your time

Unless you are into fast strokes, it will be more satisfying if you take your time and experiment with different things. Try using sex toys in Philly, your hands, and various positions. Going solo as a man can help you identify your turn on and possibly lead to more orgasm.

4. Switch hands

Switching hands may lead to the widening of your pleasure zone hence more ejaculation. Try using the dormant side to hold your penis as you rub your shaft. Or make one hand numb by sitting on it then using it to give yourself a hand job.

5. Move your hips

Thrusting and gyrating is the right way of increasing the intensity of a solo session. Try moving your hips in a back-and-forth or a circular motion. It will make you forget you are alone and make you feel like you are playing with your partner. You don’t have to do the same routine over and over again. Try new things, however frisky they might seem.

6. Try different strokes

As said earlier, a solo session is an opportunity for you to try new and profound techniques. You don’t have to do the up-and-down stroke! Try twisting stroke or pulling your penis head. Experiments every type of strokes to find your most satisfactory. Remember, a solo session is all about you.

7. Don’t just focus on the penis

It is factual that the penis is the most sensitive and often used organ. But you can still show some love to your other genitalia like your testicles and shaft.

8. Explore other erogenous zones

Just like when playing with your partner, other body parts can lead to a higher climax. Play with your neck, nipples, lips, or any other pleasurable part and enjoy as your whole body climax.

9. Remember the prostate

The prostate gland is also known as the male G-spot. As you continue playing with yourself and are ready for a full-body pleasure, start massaging your anal opening. Slowly put in your finger as you rub the prostate gland. This process will lead to a build-up of fun, especially if you increase your speed.

10. Try edging

Edging is stopping midway before ejaculation and starting up again. It is commonly known as orgasm control and is meant to prolong your play session.

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