Comfortable Furry Handcuffs Are Perfect for Beginners

Comfortable Furry Handcuffs Are Perfect for Beginners

If handcuffs are something you are curious to try in the bedroom, you may want to start with furry handcuffs. They are the best for beginners because they are affordable, soft, less intimidating, and come in a variety of colors and styles. They also tend to feature a quick-release button and are readily available at a sex shop in Philadelphia along with other types of sex toys and fantasy gifts.

Quick-Release Button

If you are a beginner, you definitely want handcuffs that you can unfasten if you lose the keys. Not all handcuffs, whether real handcuffs used in the bedroom or sex toys are easy to get out of. A quick-release button makes a world of difference. You are very unlikely to accidentally trigger the button, so it won’t interfere with your pleasure. Of course, always check product descriptions to ensure the handcuffs you’re considering have such a button.

No Marks

Furry handcuffs do not leave marks. Your skin won’t bear giveaway gouges the next day that you have been doing some exploring in bed.


The handcuffs are easy to adjust. Make them looser or tighter. The choice is yours. They are so inviting and comfortable! In most situations, they should be tight enough so they don’t slip off but still loose enough that a pencil could fit in between the cuffs and the wrist/ankle.

Less Intimidating

Something that is soft and furry is less likely to come across as intimidating compared with something leather or hard and metallic. That’s helpful, whether it is you or a partner who is a beginner. Fur and fun colors help you ease into a new type of sexual exploration.


Under all the fur are strong handcuffs that can withstand rough play and bondage. Fasten your partner to the bed, tie their wrists or ankles together, or use the handcuffs with other ropes or restraints. You have many choices due to the cuffs’ strength and versatility.


Furry handcuffs generally cost less than “real” handcuffs or other types of handcuffs such as leather. That way, you can try handcuffs and see if you enjoy them without having to make a huge monetary investment. You have more cash left over for other fun toys such as restraints, ties, dildos, vibrators, lube, and much more.


Furry handcuffs are fairly easy to find in a range of stores, mostly because they are so fun and versatile. You can get your hands on a pair more easily than you can leather handcuffs.

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